Kiama. Even the word is beautiful. But not as beautiful as the place itself.

The region features kilometres of beaches, serene rivers, and hidden pockets of rainforest all just a stone’s throw from the big smoke. If you need to soothe the soul and rejuvenate the mind, a Kiama road trip might just be the break you’ve been looking for.  

Just Far Enough

From Sydney to Kiama, it’s a mere ninety minutes’ drive and under three hours’ drive from the nation’s capital. But – no matter where you’re driving from – we guarantee you’ll find plenty of things to do in Kiama. 

The region is home to the townships of Gerringong, Gerroa, Minnamurra, Jamberoo, and Bombo.

You can explore five diverse road trips through Kiama below:

The joy of the Kiama region is that you really can have it all. You could be standing under a giant waterfall one moment and surfing just half an hour later. Or taking a peaceful paddle along a river in the afternoon and dining in a boutique restaurant that evening.  

If the last two years has taught us anything it’s that the power of travel can’t be replaced. Some places have great power to shift our perspective, and Kiama is one of them.

Travel isn’t something we can take for granted anymore, so when the chance does arise we should be grabbing it with both hands and making the most of every single precious second.


A Powerful Place To Visit

The Kiama region is far more than just an Instagram-worthy destination. It’s a transformative place where walks in nature are always close, ready to strengthen your connection to the natural world and calm your mind.

Kiama offers the opportunity to engage and connect with the culture and history of the Dharawal people. Dharawal country extends from the Illawarra to Sydney.

The Dharawal also welcomed the nomadic Wodi Wodi tribes who travelled to the area by following trails from La Perouse, Bass Point, Wreck Bay and over the mountains in Cooma and Jindabyne.

Gerringong and Bombo were a good source of ochre, used often by Indigenous communities in ceremonies, and the abundant native berries, kangaroos, oysters, pipis and abalone made it an important meeting point.


Bombo Headland, mark fitz, kiama, nsw


There are many significant Aboriginal sites that can be found in the region including middens at Minnamurra River to the Dreaming Poles on the Kiama Coast Walk.

Local custodians are ready to share their history, an enriching experience that will deepen one’s understanding of the land and its Traditional Owners.

Five Road Trips To Choose From

What kind of experience do you want when you get here? 

Whether you’re escaping mid-week, seeking the wilderness, keen for a campout or like things just a little bit fancy, one of these five Kiama road trip itineraries has your name on it. They’re good for the soul and the planet, with sustainable options and eco-adventures aplenty.

1. Wilderness Weekend

If the wilderness is more your thing then prepare to have your unwashed socks knocked off!

Our wilderness weekend itinerary features a boat trip to study seabirds, the incredible Seven Mile Beach and an overnight stay at Ben Ricketts Environmental Preserve. Perfect for families, this is a real chance to recharge and reset, get the kids outside, and share new experiences.


2. Camp and Connect

For the budget-conscious, there are enough free natural sights to mean you’ll barely need to spend a pretty penny.

Hike to Carrington Falls, check out the Boneyard Aboriginal site, enjoy a morning surf at Bombo (you’ve gotta know your stuff for that one), and pick up some cheap eats and a coffee at the Jamberoo markets. Only one of those activities costs money, and it’s the yummiest on the list!


3. Midweek Escape

If you can’t make a weekend trip, have no fear. Our Midweek Escape itinerary is the ideal choice, especially if it’s a special occasion you have in mind.

Imagine; a romantic tête-à-tête featuring beachside strolls, quiet cottages nestled in the hinterland, and slow walks in the wetlands with barely a soul around. You’re welcome.

4. A Little Bit Fancy

Looking to rejuvenate yourself? Of course you are. After all, who doesn’t love a wellness retreat or a chance to treat yourself and unwind? 

If that sounds like you, check out our fancy itinerary with spa treatments, posh dinners, and the need for real shoes. Don’t worry though; there’s still ample opportunity to get your hike on, you’ll just be able to shower afterwards. Self care never looked this good.


5. Golden Hour Trail

Only got one night? All good! Kiama still delivers in spades. Especially if you’re road-tripping from somewhere close like Wollongong.

Head down after work to enjoy the Golden Hour Trail; a coastal walk along Kiama beaches, your choice of secluded sunset spots, dinner, and an optional overnight stay close to town. One night can feel like a lifetime. 

Let Kiama Transform You

Kiama may be close to home; yet it still feels like a million miles away.  

The next time you have the chance to travel, head to the Kiama region to slow down, escape the crowds, and take some well-deserved time to reconnect with nature and transform the body, mind, and soul. We reckon you deserve it. 


Minnamurra Rainforest, mark fitz, kiama


Photography by @jonharris_photography and @_markfitz