On Friday September 20, the team at We Are Explorers will close their laptops, leave the office and spend time fighting for our planet at climate strikes around the country. And we want you to join us.

As a bunch of outdoor ratbags and weekend adventure warriors, wanting to preserve the environment and the wild places we explore comes naturally. Nature is where we spend our free time and where we feel most alive. Our connection and appreciation for these sacred places grows each time we step foot outdoors.

But it’s not just that…



We know that people’s lives, homes, jobs and cultures are under threat. We know that we are in a position of privilege and influence, and should use this power to take a stand, not just for the places we love exploring, but for the people and places that we don’t know. The people and places that are unable to take a stand themselves. We want to live and breathe our values, not just post about them.

As 130 fires burn across Queensland and New South Wales, as Hurricane Dorian batters North America and The Caribbean, as the Amazon Rainforest smoulders, as Typhoon Faxai leaves half a million people without power in Tokyo, the UN will host the Climate Action Summit in New York. Global leaders have been asked by UN Secretary-General António Guterres to come to the summit with solid and achievable plans to maintain and enhance their nation’s commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement. That is, their commitment to reduce emissions by 45% within a decade, with aims to reach net zero emissions by 2050.


Image courtesy of Sydney Morning Herald. Janie Barrett

Last week, Prime Minister Scott Morrison revealed that he will not be attending the summit himself, despite being in the USA when the summit will be on.

If our Prime Minister won’t represent our nation’s concern for climate change, then we will. Because nothing is more important than our safe and secure future. No deadline, meeting or business call. No history lesson, exam or sports class.

The We Are Explorers team will be at strikes in Sydney, Canberra and Byron Bay. Come join us and make your voice heard.


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Image courtesy of ABC News. Malcolm Sutton

Can’t make the strike but still keen to show your solidarity?

Spread The Word

Share the climate strike events with your networks. Host an outreach event to tell other businesses about the strikes. Encourage people to go on your behalf, and for themselves as well.

Host A Climate Event At Work

Talk with your co-workers about how the climate crisis will affect you. What changes can you make at work to reduce individual and business emissions? Show your workplace solidarity by posting a selfie on social media with the hashtag #climatestrike.

Donate To The Australian Youth Climate Coalition Or School Strike For Climate

These two climate organisations are run by young people and have been the instigators behind the climate strikes. Support the work they do and help them spread the word of the strikes by donating.

Read Up On The UN Climate Action Summit

Learn about what the action summit aims to achieve, who’s attending and why it’s so important.

Divest Your Assets!

Are you unintentionally investing in fossil fuels? Check where your super fund and banks invest your money. If you don’t like what you see, let them know and move your money to a company that invests in the future.