The Investigator Trail in Lincoln National Park in South Australia is a photographer’s paradise, a hiker’s heaven and a surfer’s sanctuary. Whilst you’ll travel a way to get there (depending on where you’re coming from), you won’t be disappointed upon arrival.



  • 291 km2 of pristine national park.
  • The 89km Investigator Walking Trail
  • Memory Cove
  • Sleaford dune system
  • Wanna Cliffs

Investigate… Lincoln National Park

The Lincoln National Park is my weekend playground. The park entrance is only 15km from Port Lincoln and depending on what adventure you choose it can keep you busy for a few hours or a few days.

A great way to see the park is to walk the Investigator Trail. This 89km walking track takes in most of what the park has to offer and can be done in one hit over 5 or 6 days or you can pick a section to walk as there are campsites well-spaced along the track and most are accessible by 2WD vehicle.

Memory Cove Wilderness Protection Area

A must see is the Memory Cove wilderness protection area. The 4WD track takes in some epic coastline of the area from 50m+ cliffs to the most perfect beach you will ever see in Memory Cove itself. With a great campground, this is a spot you can escape it all for a few days.


lincoln national park south australia luke gardner


One of my favourite things to do in the Lincoln National Park is to sit back and look at the stars. Being so remote the area is virtually free of light pollution meaning you can see more stars than you ever thought possible. Between March and September the core of the Milky Way galaxy is visible and must be seen to be believed. Occasionally the Aurora Australis can be seen from the southern cliff tops.

Sleaford-Wanna Dune System

There is only one word to describe the Sleaford-Wanna dune system and that is EPIC! Huge windswept dunes that go on for kilometres leading you down to beaches with world class surfing and fishing. Do yourself a favour and stop at the Wanna cliffs once you have made it over the dunes and check out what millions of years of pounding surf has done to the limestone.

Essential Gear

Depends on your choice of adventure, but here are some ideas:

  • Hiking boots
  • Insect repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Camera
  • Surfboard/sandboard
  • Fishing rod
  • Water (there is no natural source of water in the park)
  • Tent
  • 4WD (to get you to some of the more remote places)

How To Get There

First you need to get to Port Lincoln. It’s a 45 minute flight from Adelaide or a 7 hour drive west. Lincoln National Park’s entrance is 15km south of Port Lincoln.


Skill Level

Beginner for most areas of the park – but be aware there are a lot of dangers for the unwary.

Distance Covered / Elevation Gain

The Investigator trail is 89km in length / Stamford Hill is the highest point at 144m above sea level