Mt Walsh National Park in QLD isn’t near much… But this just adds to the adventure. Hike Mt Walsh, splash in a three-tiered waterfall and camp the weekend away.


Quick Overview

Mt Walsh trail is a 5km return, Grade 4 hike located in the Mt Walsh National Park in Queensland. The hike should take around 2.5 hours to complete


  • Bush/mountain camping
  • Dirt roads that are suitable for small vehicles
  • Panoramic views of the Queensland countryside

The Lowdown

Inspired by the blockbuster documentary Everest, we packed the van and gallivanted to Mt Walsh National Park for an ‘Everest-like’ adventure. By no stretch of the imagination are we expert hikers like the Sherpas – heck we’re not even close to those mountaineers conquering Everest.

Waking up in the bush on a Sunday morning to hike between 2-5 hours with a day-pack chock full of fruit and water was good enough for us!

Before setting up our home away from home at the bottom of Mt Walsh, we followed a dirt road full of country surprises on the backside of the mountain range and then a 1.5km bushwalk to the Utopia Rock Pools/Waterfall Creek.

We gasped in astonishment at the natural 3-tiered rock pool awaiting our entrance. Unfortunately, there had not been enough rain in the area for the falls to be flowing, so we will be back!

The water from the mountain was catacomb cold yet energising, it was almost like we had been reborn.


mt walsh microadventure scout hinchcliffe

Hiking Mt Walsh

The height of Mt Walsh is 703m above sea level and is an exposed granite rock with rugged ridges and steep forested slopes. It’s recommended that only intermediate bushwalkers tackle the summit as the trail is slippery and steep. Also, it’s partially unmarked and quite easy to become disorientated!

Kudos to a previous hiker, our saviour, who had tagged trees with hot pink ribbon and spray painted bright blue arrows on the rocks!

Like Everest, almost at the summit of Mt Walsh there was ‘The Balcony’ – only without the snow, frostbite, and loss of oxygen.


mt walsh microadventure scout hinchcliffe


Instead, the air was fresh and crisp, there was a light whistle through the trees and sweat trickling down the middle of our backs.

We were peaking!

If you’re coming from Brisbane, head to Kinbombo Falls and explore off the beaten track.


mt walsh scout hinchcliffe

Essential Gear

  • Totally self-sufficient camping gear; from toilet paper and soap to food and water.
  • Comfortable/appropriate footwear and clothing
  • Swimmers, towel
  • Camera/GoPro equipment
  • First aid kit

How To Get There

Mt Walsh National Park is located in Queensland’s North Burnett area, near a small rural town Biggenden which is approximately 286km north-west of Brisbane. A map of the National Park can be found here.


  • Wild swimming
  • Hiking
  • Photography
  • History
  • Bush/mountain camping

Skill Level

Intermediate – the trail is steep, slippery, and somewhat unmarked.

Distance Covered / Elevation Gain / Time Taken

5km return / 462m gained / 2.5 hours