Homecamp has just released the most bespoke camp chair we’ve ever seen. It’s basically an oak throne.


A handmade camp chair is pretty unheard of these days. 

If a camping chair is handmade out of wood, it’s probably just an old tree stump that you’ve rolled over to the communal campfire. You don’t need me to tell you that these aren’t usually very comfortable. 

Alternatively, actual camp chairs — the manufactured kind — tend to be pretty drab looking and made of plastic and other synthetic materials that invariably end up in landfill.

Knowing this, Homecamp has gone against the grain and crafted a range of legitimately bespoke camp chairs that are both constructed entirely by hand and made from swanky sustainably sourced American red oak. 


Handmade Oak Camp Chairs by Homecamp

Instead of plastic, you’ll find custom made stainless steel fixings and your backside will be cradled in a heavy-duty cotton canvas sling.

You can also take your pick between the new colours desert khaki or forest green

Homecamp’s Fenby Foldaway Chair is inspired by the ‘Tripolina’ style chair that was invented by engineer Joseph B. Fenby and dates all the way back to the 1850s. 

Original Tripolina’s are incredibly sought after and even modern copies don’t come cheap.

Indeed, it’s an enduringly good looking chair, to the extent that you could genuinely use it as a piece of indoor furniture — something that couldn’t be said for many if any, camp chairs.

Weighing in at 7 kg’s with a load capacity of 160kg, you can fold these things down to fit neatly into a 0.17m x 1.05m x 0.17m heavy-duty canvas carry bag.

Reinforced edges and double stitching ensure this is a chair that will last a long time.

Considering they’re retailing for $349, they’re clearly a long term investment. However, for a limited time, if you buy two, you’ll score $80 off with the promo code FENBY80.

Once you grab a couple, go forth and be the envy of the campground!