The Eurobodalla coastline along South Coast NSW is jam-packed with stunning sea stacks. Just one of the amazing rock formations on display is the Glasshouse Rocks in Narooma.


  • Stunning sea stacks
  • Epic secret lookout
  • Lesser-known coastal walk

The Geology of Glasshouse Rocks

The geological wonder of Glasshouse Rocks is located in Yuin Country. Stretching from Shoalhaven River all the way to the Victorian border, Yuin Country is made up of numerous language groups including the Dharumba, Djirringanj, Dhawa and Dhurga people. We certainly felt blessed to explore this beautiful region that’s been inhabited for up to 20,000 years!



The Geological Society of Australia dates the extraordinary Glasshouse Rocks to be around 440-510 million years old. So read ‘em and weep 12 Apostles (a mere 20 million years old). The age of the rocks is certainly mind-boggling. But their sheer size is also awe-inspiring.

Among these incredible rocks is also pillow lava. This was formed by undersea volcanic eruptions many moons ago. Plus, the unique colours and patterns of all the surrounding rocks on the beach are just as eye-catching and memorable. All of which, you’ll see on this adventure!


How to Get to Glasshouse Rocks?

But accessing the Glasshouse Rocks isn’t so straightforward. You’ll find there’s limited information online and no visible signage for this natural attraction when you visit. So exploring these majestic rocks can be a tad tricky.

When attempting to find the beach they’re located on, Beck and I missed the all-important turnoff. But in doing so, it led us to an epic lookout of the Glasshouse Rocks that we would’ve otherwise missed.



Follow the ‘How To Get There’ section below for more details.

To explore the Glasshouse Rocks in all their glory, we recommend taking them in from the secret lookout and then walking down onto the beach to see them up, close and personal. Make sure you take this coastal walk at low tide. This’ll ensure safety and ease of access to the amazing rocks on the beach. Check the BOM for tide times.

Essential Gear

  • Hiking boots
  • Water
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunnies
  • Hat
  • Day backpack
  • Camera
  • Waterproof/windproof jacket, fleece jacket & waterproof bag cover in winter

How To Get There

Do not follow ‘Glasshouse Rocks’ on Google Maps as you’ll be sent up a random private road when approaching the coast. Instead, make your way to the Narooma Cemetery and park there.

Head inland past the cemetery towards a small white fence. You’ll walk around the fence and enter a small area of coastal bushland. There’s a fairly obvious track to follow from this point heading towards the rocks. After a few minutes, you’ll find a trail off to the left down a fairly steep dirt track. This is the correct way to go. Once you’re on the sand, follow the coast roughly 1km to reach the Glasshouse Rocks. Along the way, there’ll be other sensational geology to check out.

For the secret lookout, ignore the initial turnoff down to the beach and keep following the trail. After another few minutes, you’ll reach the end of this section of headland. From here, exercise caution as you’ll be approaching a cliff edge. The Glasshouse Rocks can be seen here, unimpeded, at a safe distance from the edge. We enjoyed this unique photography opportunity which we only encountered by mistake!


  • Coastal walking/hiking
  • Photography

Skill Level


The beach walking’s easy, but the walk’s not well signposted. The path leading to the beach from the coastal bushland is steep. Plus there’s some rock scrambling at the end of the walk, depending on how far you choose to explore once you pass the Glasshouse Rocks.

Distance Covered / Time Taken

3km return / 1.5 hours


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