Mountains, beaches, rivers and lakes; Gippsland is a wilderness region with something to satisfy all microadventuring vagabonds. Partnering with Visit Victoria, we sent three of our Explorers (Matt, Ben and Kel) on a 4-day mission to drain every ounce of adventure out of it. Here’s what went down…

Images by Matt Horspool and Kel Morales

Travel, that thing many of us do when the gap between our “real life” and our ideal life becomes much wider than we had anticipated. Some of us embark on an adventure to search for who we are, others just do it for the sheer thrills.

The We are Explorers tribe is something special. An eclectic group of likeminded explorers, travelers and weekend bandits. Rest assured that if you’re keen for some outdoor exploring, there is a fellow adventurer down to join. When the opportunity arose to band together a small team of Australia’s finest explorers and content creators, I had no choice but to raise my hand.

gippsland adventure visit victoria matt horspool, kel morales, ben wright

The brief was simple… Squeeze in as many experiences as possible over 4 days. Venturing across the most stunning and lesser known regions that Gippsland, Victoria has to offer. The regions that locals have frequented for 25 odd years, unwilling to brag of its wonder to passersby and fearful that a sudden influx of tourists would turn their special place into the next national hot spot. Throw in a cheeky heli’ ride at Wilsons Prom and we had ourselves an adventure.

Day 0

The dreaded thought of an 8 hour + drive from Sydney to Mallacoota in Friday traffic was quickly overshadowed once the car was loaded full of the 5 cameras, three drones, 100 cables, a healthy supply of junk food and three eager content warriors ready to tackle anything the south-eastern state could throw at us.

Kel and I have been shooting together for some time, but neither of us knew Ben, apart from receiving a handful of excited messenger texts from the tall man. In true photographer style, we got along like a house on fire, rambling of the quadruple luma fade transitions and ultra- slow motion movies that were to eventuate over the coming days.

Our destination was Mallacoota – a quaint little town on the shores of East Gippsland, surrounded by the wild Croajingolong National Park and riddled with endless jetties and inlets feeding into Cape Howe Marine National Park. Arriving at Mallacoota Foreshore Holiday Park at 9:30pm, knackered and heavy-eyed, we hit the sack, ready for an early rise.gippsland adventure visit victoria matt horspool, kel morales, ben wright

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