The unique heritage town of Grenfell is a great jumping-off point for exploring Weddin Mountains National Park. Here’s what you can expect to fit in a weekend!

We acknowledge that the land we travelled on belongs to the Wiradjuri people. They have cared for this country for thousands of years and their connection to it passed through generations. We pay our respects to the land, and its Elders past, present and emerging. The Wiradjuri people are the Traditional Custodians of this land and we recognise that sovereignty was never ceded. 


  • Watching Peregrine falcons float and dive
  • Sunset views over the farmlands
  • Waking up to the sound of native birds
  • Grenfell Commodities Art Silo


I’m not here to play favourites, but after a trip through Central NSW, Weddin Mountains National Park and Grenfell would be up there. For a small national park, Weddin Mountains really packs a lot in, and it’s hard not to love Grenfell, with heritage pubs, classic bakeries, and gooooooood coffee.

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The Best Adventures in Grenfell

Sunset Stomp Up Lynchs Loop

Let’s start with the best. If there’s one thing you do while hanging out in Grenfell, make sure you get to the top of Lynchs Loop for a ripper sunset.

Lynchs Loop is a 2.5km circuit that starts at Ben Halls Campground and takes you up to the top of the western escarpment looking out towards Forbes. If you have a clear evening, the sun will be setting off to your left and you’ll be treated to it lighting up the farmland below.


An Explorer’s Guide to a Weekend in Grenfell, Pat Cordon - Visit Central NSW, Grenfell, Weddin National Park, Lookout sunrise

Lynchs Loop, Weddin Mountains National Park


We packed dinner and a headtorch, then sat alone at the top of the lookout. It’s a quick walk down after dark, and if you’ve opted to stay at Ben Halls (which you totally should), then all that’s left is to have a hot choccy and curl up in bed.

Hunting for Peregrine Falcons

Let me just make this point very clear, we’re hunting FOR Peregrine falcons, not hunting Peregrine falcons. Big difference.

Heading over to the other side of the National Park is Holy Camp and the trailhead for the Euldrie walking track.

The walking track actually goes all the way from Holy Camp through to Ben Halls Campground, but we opted to start from Holy Camp and head up to the Peregrine Lookout. It’s about 5km return, and true to its name, we did get to spot some Peregrines.

These birds are seriously impressive. They can spot a field mouse from a kilometre away and dive at maximum speeds of 390km/h. What that boils down to is that they can be floating through the air, then dive down and snatch a field mouse up quicker than you can say, ‘Watch out little mouse, you’re about to feature in Liam Neeson’s next reboot of Taken’. Poor guy didn’t stand a chance.

The whole track from Ben Halls to Holy Camp and back is about 12km total if you’re interested in something longer. And if that doesn’t scratch your walking itch, there are a handful of other good walks from Ben Halls, as well as a bunch of fun sandy tracks that we explored on bikes.


Weddin Mountains National Park, Grenfell



Exploring Grenfell

What would a trip to Grenfell be without exploring Grenfell itself? The first stop is Spannerman Automotive and Espresso – a car mechanic with a funky little coffee shop attached. They do a quality iced long black and the owners are super lovely. If you’re looking for any tips on the rest of the town, they know it well and are happy to share.

While you’re sipping your coffee, it’s worth taking a walk through town. Founded in the 1800s, Grenfell was a major gold town and has some stunning heritage buildings to match. Like any good country town, it’s got a solid op shop and a couple of first-class bakeries.

Lastly, take a moment to swing by the Grenfell Commodities Art Silo. I’ve searched a few out across Victoria before and they always amaze me. This one is no different. Painted on four huge grain silos, the mural by Melbourne artist Heesco Khosnaran took over five weeks and 180 litres of paint to complete.


Grenfell Silo Art Trail


Grenfell has some beautiful heritage-listed buildings and classic pubs so if you’re looking to stay in the town itself, then you won’t be short on options. Grenfell Hall Bed and Breakfast is like stepping back in a time machine, and Albion Hotel or the Railway Hotel are both good options if you want to be in the centre of things.

However, my pick for a basecamp is Ben Halls Campground in Weddin Mountains National Park. It’s a bush camp so you’ll need to bring all your own supplies, including water. It’s a great jumping off point for a handful of walks in Weddin Mountains National Park, just make sure you book ahead of time. It’s also only a 30-minute drive from Grenfell so you can still pop in for your morning coffee.

Learn from my mistakes and make sure you fill up on petrol in Grenfell before heading out for the day. The distances between towns can be pretty big in Central NSW so the smart thing would be to keep plenty of water with you too.

Essential Gear

  • 4WD or bikes to explore the sandy tracks around Weddin Mountains National Park
  • Lots and lots of water if camping overnight (it can get very hot and thirsty out there)
  • Binoculars or a camera with hectic zoom for spotting those Peregrine falcons

How To Get There

Grenfell is about five hours from Sydney. My vote would be to take the Hume Highway out to Yass, skip along to Young and then cruise into Grenfell from there. On your way home, you can add some spice to your life and go via Cowra and Bathurst which takes about the same time.

Leave No Trace

When travelling through Central NSW we were delightfully surprised at how clean it was and how little rubbish we found. At We Are Explorers, we reckon it’s a good idea to keep it that way – so make sure you take all of your rubbish with you, minimise your plastic use as much as possible, stick to the paths and try not to disturb the area or animals. Mother Nature will thank you for it!

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