A sunny day at Double Island Point is a showground for classic Aussie outdoor culture. So call your mates, load up the fourbie, pack your outdoor paraphernalia of choice and head up the beach for a solid day out.


  • Camping and sunrises
  • 4WDing and sand tobogganing on the sandblow
  • Crystal clear water and snorkelling

Noosa National Park

The weather forecast was for hot and humid weather on the first weekend of November. So, as any Aussie bloke does – I grabbed the lads, loaded up the cruiser and hit the beach.

We started off on foot walking the scenic route around the Noosa National Park in the early hours of Saturday morning to catch the sunrise. There are so many areas to explore on this walk, the caves, Hells Gates and each of the pristine coves as you head toward Noosa Main Beach.

Double Island Point

Next stop was Double Island Point. Now imagine you throw one chip to a group of seagulls, and they all flock together to get it – well, that’s what Teewah Beach looked like heading toward the point. Hundreds of jacked up, fuel guzzlin’ sand covered fourbies flocked to Double Island Point to have first dibs on a spot. And gee was it worth the race. The water sparkled blue and the high winds ensured there was something that could tickle everyone’s fancy.

There is always so much hype around heading up to Double Island Point and I believe this is because classic Aussie culture is on show. People are camping, swimming, surfing, fishing, riding motorbikes, 4WDing, windsurfing and kitesurfing and throwing a good ol’ snag on the barbie. What more could you need on a day off?

We didn’t get to do it this time – but pack an old bodyboard for some sand tobogganing at the Carlo Sandblow at Rainbow Beach. It will be worth your while!!

Essential Gear

For the day…

  • Water
  • Fishing rods
  • Marquee
  • BBQ
  • An old bodyboard to go sand tobogganing

For camping…

Mozzie repellant and all other camping equipment (personal preference).

How To Get There

There are three ways to get your rig on the sand:

  • Head to Tewantin and jump on the ferry over to Noosa North shore. Then head north up Teewah Beach to the point. Pull over and check out the Red Canyon on the way.
  • Head through Gympie and then out towards Rainbow Beach. Head south on Rainbow Beach toward the point. Pull over and check out the Carlow Sandblow on the way.
  • Just before you reach Rainbow Beach take a right onto the Freshwater inland track. This track will spit you out onto Teewah beach. Then head north up to Double Island Point.


  • Camping
  • Jet skiing
  • Surfing
  • 4WDing
  • Fishing
  • Sand tobogganing
  • WindSurfing/kiteSurfing
  • Snorkelling
  • Motorbike riding

Skill Level

Ensure you and your car are capable of driving on the sand.