Discovering the Stunning Otways (VIC)


  • Californian Redwoods
  • Hopetoun Falls
  • Exploration through the many roads of the Otways.
  • Stargazing
  • For extended travel – the Great Ocean Road is just a 30min drive from Forrest or even check out Stevensons falls based just around the corner from the town of Forrest.


This trip will leave your jaw dropped and adventured fuelled. The region is more often not shrouded in fog and you’ll likely feel like you’ve stepped into another world.

The trip begins at the Hopetoun Falls – The 30m Hopetoun Falls are stunning, definitely have your cameras primed, this place is a real treat. Feel free to sit by the flowing stream or venture close to the viewing platform to watch the falls.

You’ll then travel just down the road to the almighty Californian Redwoods. This plantation is mind blowing, the Trees in this area grow to a hefty 60 meters and are likely to double their height in the next 70 years. Take a wander through these towering giants, stand underneath them and look straight up to get a sense of how mighty they really are. There’s a flowing stream passing through the Redwoods so take some time to chill and admire the scenery.

From here the adventure is up to you! Either spend the day winding in and out of random roads, shooting through to the Great Ocean road or having a coffee at the Forrest Bakery. Make sure if you have the time to check out Stevensons falls, it’s an amazing place with a great 15-20min walk.

If you fancy a stargaze or shooting some astro’s, pretty much anywhere you look will provide stunning night time views. A great night time viewing area can be at the West Barwon Resevoir or simply down any road, The Otways has plenty of incredible spots.

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Essential gear required:

  • Sturdy hiking boots
  • Camera in hand
  • Map + Whistle
  • Waterproof jacket (Otways has some of Australia’s highest annual rainfall)
  • Can get muddy and wet.
  • Headtorch for Stargazing
  • AWD or 4WD if you feel adventurous on some slippery off the track roads.
  1. How to get there

Click here for instructions.

You want to travel down Binns road until you reach the Hopetoun or Beauchamp turnoff – Take the Hopetoun falls turn off.

From here you will reach the falls first, it is only a short ten-minute stroll down steps to the falls.

Once you’ve finished at the falls continue down Binns road and you’ll reach the Californian Redwoods – Turn a right into the car park and take a stroll through the forest.

From here, take a few turns and explore the place. This area has roads weaving everywhere, Just take a map and ensure that you don’t get too lost!


  • Walking
  • Driving
  • Sight-seeing
  • Photography

 Skill Level


Distance covered

Hopetoun falls: 10min walk

Californian Redwoods: the car park is accessible right onto the Redwoods so just a gentle walk through the forest.