If you’re in one of the eastern states (besides ‘The Sunshine State’) you’ll be psyched on daylight savings starting this long weekend!


Anyone else have that feeling like the end of term’s approaching and we’re all about to head out on two weeks of school holidays? 

If having the end of the lockdown tunnel in sight isn’t exciting enough, daylight savings has just kicked in – all the more sunlight for picnicking my dear! 

If you’re looking for new ways to spend your new found daylight, we’ve got a couple ideas up our hiking shirt sleeve.

Trail Run

Any hiking track could be a trail run if you pick up your pace a little. But some are certainly more scenic and easier going on the ol’ legs! Pound the dirt pavement with the best trail running tracks in Sydney.

Live closer to Melbourne instead? There’s plenty of trails for you to hit too!



Take to the waterways with your paddle and SUP. Brooke’s hunted down the best lakes, creeks, and rivers to SUP around Sydney without having to fight your way over waves to get there. 

If you’re in Melbourne, we’ve found a bunch of spots to kayak in the city – but what’s stopping you from taking the SUP instead?


While the climbing gyms are still closed, that doesn’t mean you can’t find a few rocky routes to keep your digits strong. Aron’s gone and found us the best spots to boulder in the city, perfect for an afternoon climb.


Aron Hailey, rock climbing bouldering Sydney NSW Anthony Sissy

Photo thanks to Anthony Sissy


After something a little more chill? Take in sunset from a gorgeous location as you flick in a line at one of the best fishing spots in Sydney. More fish are biting in the evening anyway, right?

Melbourne kid? We got you, there’s a bunch of epic fishing spots down there too!

Open Water Swim

Daylight savings means it’s time to get back in that salty sanctuary! Sophie’s filled us in on everything you need to know about open water swimming in Sydney, including a few of the best spots to cut some laps.


Rock Pools

Not quite up to hitting the open ocean but still want to get that crusty salt all up and over your skin? Maybe a dip in a scenic ocean pool is the go? We’ve documented all the rock pools on the North Beaches, but you can find one in nearly every beachside ‘burb.

Take a Hike

Or maybe you just want to stick to a good ol’ hike. With national parks a plenty and kilometres of coastline to traverse, Sydney’s got no shortage of day hike’s that may even make you feel like you’ve left the city for the first time in four months. 




Feature photo thanks to DNSW