Whether your gift giving approach is methodically planned out or more of a last minute scramble, there’s no denying that December is fast-approaching. To help you with this year’s search for the perfect present, we’ve put together the ultimate book lovers’ gift guide. 


From in-depth guides written by Australian adventurers on swimming, camping, and hiking your way around the country, to artistic interpretations of extinct creatures and Aboriginal guides to a sacred Australia, these titles are serving up plenty of inspiration for the outdoor adventures to be had in the year ahead. 

If you’re struggling to find a gift for that hard-to-buy-for person in your life or even looking for something to write on your own Christmas list, then one of these books might just solve your problem.

1. Undiscovered Tasmania: A Local’s Guide to Finding Adventure

By Rochelle and Wally Dare 

Tasmanian couple, Rochelle and Wally Dare, have been sharing their enviable adventures around the Apple Isle through their popular Instagram account, Let’s Go Dare, since 2018. Now, the couple have put their discoveries into print. 

With an emphasis on the places that tourists may overlook, Undiscovered Tasmania is your ultimate off-the-beaten-track guide to Tassie. The book is conveniently divided into four different sections on beaches, roads, towns, and wildlife, and is accompanied by Rochelle’s own photography, local stories, and local advice on travelling on Tasmanian roads. Undiscovered Tasmania is a must-have guide for anyone planning on exploring our beautiful Apple Isle.

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2. Places We Swim

By Caroline Clements and Dillon Seitchik-Reardon

Caroline Clements and Dillon Seitchik-Reardon’s Places We Swim is the perfect gift for any water babies in your life.

In a search for the best places to swim around Australia, the book takes you through a total of 65 different swimming locations around the country. From outback gorges and hot springs, to waterfalls, rivers, beaches, and pools, you’ll never be wondering where to take a dip on a hot day again. 

Each swimming spot is accompanied by information about when to visit, how to get there and what to bring, with extra tips on where to get food and drinks nearby. And for any Sydney-based water enthusiasts, the couple have also just released a dedicated Places We Swim in Sydney

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3. Extinct: Artistic Impressions of Our Lost Wildlife

By Benjamin Gray 

If the person you’re buying for loves the outdoors then it’s safe to assume that they’re passionate about protecting the creatures within it – and if not, this book is a sure way to change their mind. 

Extinct offers a series of artworks depicting the Australian animals that have been lost to extinction. Bringing these animals back to life with the inclusion of their Aboriginal histories, unheard stories, and artistic interpretations, the book offers a poignant look at the cost of extinction. With hundreds of critically endangered species in our own backyard, Extinct reminds us of the danger that these animals are in.

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4. Loving Country: A Guide to Sacred Australia

By Bruce Pascoe and Vicky Shukuroglou

Author of award-winning Dark Emu, Bruce Pascoe and multidisciplinary artist and researcher, Vicky Shukuroglou, have come together with community Elders to create an Aboriginal guide to travelling in Australia. 

Loving Country focuses on 18 locations, each accompanied by an in-depth guide to their history, dreaming stories, traditional cultural practices, and Aboriginal tours. From the love stories of Wiluna to the whale story of Margaret River, the book provides us with a much-needed Aboriginal understanding of the places that we don’t know as well as we may think. 

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5. Rewild: Stories and Inspiration for the Modern Adventurer

By Doron and Stephanie Francis 

If you know someone needing a little encouragement to make the leap into an adventurous lifestyle then this is the book for them. Written by Doron and Stephanie Francis, co-owners of the online outdoor retailer Homecamp, Rewild is made up of stories, images, and tips for living a more meaningful life outdoors. 

With stories from modern adventurers who have biked across continents and lived in vans, you’ll also find out how to set up camp, brew the perfect campfire coffee, and leave no trace. Containing all of the inspiration you need to start living a more adventurous life, you might be making the leap sooner than you think. 

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6. 50 Things to do in the Wild

By Richard Skrein 

A fun book of ideas for any aspiring outdoor adventure, 50 Things to do in the Wild is described as a scouts handbook for adults. Written by British forest school practitioner Richard Skrein and cutely illustrated by Maria Nilsson, the book takes you through the essential skills you need to have in your outdoor toolkit. 

Divided into four main sections that reflect the elemental skill sets of earth, air, water, and fire, you will learn how to tie knots, make shelters, forage for food, and read nature’s GPS. Containing enough activities for almost every weekend of the year, your gift-receiver will be a modern Robin Hood in no time.

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7. Ultimate Cycling Trips: World

By Andrew Bain 

Written by travel journalist and cycling expert, Andrew Bain, Ultimate Cycling Trips features 35 destinations around the world that are perfect for travelling on two wheels. 

Inside, you’ll find suggested itineraries to suit both beginners and more experienced riders, accompanied by maps, photographs, and extra need-to-know information. Whether it’s riding along the French Riviera or tackling the South Korean volcanic island of Jeju, international travel is a possibility again and there’s no better time to start planning your dream cycling trip. 

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8. Around Australia at 80ks

By Meredith Schofield 

Any van life enthusiasts will be delighted by this real life account of Meredith, Sean, and rescue dog Bandit’s 22,400km trip around Australia in a 1975 kombi van. Traversing four states, a territory, and countless highways, 4WD tracks, beaches, and ferries, the trio have an incredible story to tell. 

Ideal for dog owners, the book contains plenty of dog-friendly travel advice, insider destination tips, and road trip inspiration for anyone thinking of embarking on a similar adventure. 

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9. Best Day Walks Australia

Lonely Planet 

While most of us would love to be heading out on a multi-day hike every weekend, life doesn’t allow for it as much as we’d like. Day walks are short enough to squeeze into a busy weekend and give us a much-needed outdoors fix. 

Best Day Walks Australia is curated by Lonely Planet and covers over 60 short walks around the country. Ranging from easy to hard, and highlighting kid-friendly, pet-friendly, and accessible trails, this book is the ideal gift for any busy hiker.

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10. Camping Around Australia

Explore Australia 

Camping Around Australia is an in-depth guide to camping around the country. Covering over 3,200 campsites, you’ll discover campsites in everything from national parks and native bushland to outback stations and picturesque waterfront locations. 

With information on dog-friendly sites, WiFi access and phone reception, Camping Around Australia can provide you with everything you need to know before you put down your tent. Ideal for both the weekend camper and long-term traveller, you might be putting this on your own Christmas list.

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Feature photo thanks to Greg Rosenke