Bushwalk the ‘Gong is a Wollongong not-for-profit documenting the incredible coast and escarpment walks of the Illawarra. They’ve shared the hike to Brokers Nose walk with us, just a taste of what’s on offer less than an hour south of Sydney.


  • Epic Wollongong views from an iconic peak
  • Beautiful changing bushland, featuring spectacular wildflowers in spring
  • A low grade walk that offers a little bit of everything

The Truck Stop Trailhead

Brokers Nose is a good beginners walk, or for people with lesser fitness.

Starting at the truck stop at the top of Mt Ousley, you enter the Illawarra Escarpment State Conservation Area through a service track with various tracks leading roughly north following the cliff line.

These feature wet and dry sclerophyll forests with plenty of pretty vistas and changing flora.


Ferns on the Brokers Nose Summit Traverse - Bushwalk the Gong

Along the Escarpment

There are some minor rock hopping sections that you can take at your own pace, and mostly just serve as stairs to higher ground. Depending on the recent rainfall there are also creeks that are very pretty.

You’ll pass open clearings under the power lines, allowing great opportunities to capture the views, not only to the east, but west back into the rolling hills of bush.

Continuing along, you eventually come to a service road near the transmission tower, follow the tower to reach the trig point, Brokers Nose summit and epic views from the Royal National Park to Saddleback Mountain.



Enjoy reading carved graffiti, some dating over 100 years old, and an excellent spot for photos and a bite to eat. Extreme caution must be taken as the lookout points are not fenced and gusts of wind could easily knock you over the edge, so keep your distance.

The track shows off some impressive yellow Prickly Bush Peas (Pultenaea juniperina), Banksia, Isopogans, gorgeous red and white Native Fuchsias (Epacris longiflora) and Pink Finger native orchids (Caladenia carnea). Kangaroos can also be spotted from time to time.


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  • Walking/hiking
  • Photography
  • Birdwatching

Essential Gear

  • Warm clothes and sun protection, it can be quite breezy and open in places
  • Insect and leech protection
  • Basic first aid kit
  • Water
  • Long pants, some bushes can be spiky
  • Sneakers or hiking boots
  • A snack for the summit
  • A good sense of direction and a map; the trails are not marked and you can easily meander off the main trail.

How To Get There

Heading up Mt Ousley Road from the ‘Gong take a left onto Picton Rd, then turn right to go over the bridge and rejoin Mt Ousley Rd from the other direction. The truck stop car park will be on your left.

Skill Level

Grade 2 – Mostly low gradient. Opportunity to walk easily in natural environments on easy tracks. Suitable for beginners.

Distance Covered

Approximate distance is 3.5km return with mild gradient changes, taking about 1.5hrs to take in all of the sites.


All pets (other than assistance dogs) and smoking.


Feature photo by @amy.eloise