The Illawarra area surrounding the city of Wollongong, just south of Sydney, is home to a bunch of coal mines, but it’s also a gold mine of adventures. Ha! Seriously though, check out these ten bush walks in the Illawarra! It’s a totally 24-carat hiking destination.


We acknowledge that these adventures are located on Dharawal Nation, the traditional land of the Dharawal and Wodi Wodi people who have occupied and cared for this land for thousands of years. We pay our respects to them as the Traditional Custodians and recognise that sovereignty was never ceded.

Hiking Around Wollongong and The Illawarra

The Illawarra region, which lies on Dharawal Country, is jam-packed with hidden gems for the weekend warrior. I’ve included ten of my favourite hikes around Wollongong, which I reckon showcase the best of what’s on offer in this beautiful part of the world.

There’s something for everyone, whether you’re after a tough challenge, a chilled stroll, waterfalls or trickling creeks, the Illawarra has a hike to suit.

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1. Brokers Nose

Time from Sydney: 1hr 15min
3.5km one way
Duration: 1.5 hr one way

Brokers Nose holds one of the best views of Wollongong’s pristine coastline. The trailhead is located at the top of Mt Ousley, off the side of a truck stop. It’s an easy walk to the edge of the escarpment, where the bush opens up to 180° of beachy coastline.


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2. Macquarie Pass Jump Rock

Time from Sydney: 1hr 50min
6km return
Duration: 3 hr return

Please note! The trail to Jump Rock is currently closed. Check the NSW National Parks Website for updates before heading out.

A real summer favourite! Nestled in Macquarie Pass is a hike to an awesome jump rock. It’s easily accessible – parking is at the bottom of Macquarie Pass and it’s a short walk up the fire trail, then a somewhat rough bushwalk and rock hop up to the jump spot. Just keep following the river!

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3. Clover Hill Trail

Time from Sydney: 1hr 50min
9-10km return
Duration: 3-3.5 hr return

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, further up the pass is the Clover Hill trail. This trail will take you to the top of a waterfall that leads down to the jump rock. There are a few options up here to explore among the rocks and bush of the south escarpment and even two more waterfalls to find with a bit of off-track hiking.

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4. Illawarra Escarpment Forest Walk

Time from Sydney: 1hr 10min
14km one way
Duration: 4.5 hr one way

NOTE! The forest walk is currently affected by closures. The sublime point walking track is currently being upgraded. For more info check out the NPWS website

The gorgeous Forest Walk starts at the Wodi Wodi trailhead, climbs up the escarpment, and meanders along through the lush forest, before descending back down Sublime Point in Austinmer.

There’s plenty of spots to stop and peer out at the ocean and down to the houses and rail line below. The most difficult parts are climbing up and down the mountain, with an undulating track in between. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the native flora and fauna!


5. Princess Marina Track to Kellys Falls

Time from Sydney: 1hr
1.5km one way
Duration: 40 min one way

The hike along Princess Marina Track to Kellys Falls isn’t a long one, but it’s a tough one, with some serious guts needed to get up and down the rope ladder (which was broken last time we checked). But it’s all totally worth it, with a stunning swimming hole calling your name at the bottom.


6. Wodi Wodi Track

Time from Sydney: 1hr 10min
3km one way
Duration: 3 hr one way

The Wodi Wodi track begins at the same trailhead as the Forest Walk, but rather than walking south along the escarpment, it cuts through the forest to the north to finish at Stanwell Park station. You can either turn around and walk back the way you came, or wander down the hill into Stanwell Park and treat yourself with fish and chippies at the beach!

Part of this track follows an Aboriginal route used by the Wodi Wodi people, the Traditional Owners of the area. The highlight of the Wodi Wodi is a small creek that runs along the track, a perfect spot for a cuppa.


7. Sublime Point Walking Track

Time from Sydney: 1hr 20min
0.7km one way
Duration: 45min one way

Please Note! The sublime point walking track is currently closed. Check the National Parks website for further details.

This is one of the most popular (and toughest) walks of the Illawarra. Starting at the back of Austinmer, the Sublime Point walking track climbs 700m straight up the escarpment. After a short stroll on the flat, the track quickly starts climbing up a never-ending staircase, resembling the Black Stairs of Mordor.


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Once you think the worst is behind you, the climb steepens up a series of ladders and then it’s just a short walk to the top. For those lucky enough to make it to the top, the Sublime Point Cafe makes a mean sticky date pudding (go the full serve, you deserve it!). 

8. Mt Keira Ring Track

Time from Sydney: 1hr 20min
 5.5km loop
Duration: 4 hr

Mt Keira is one of the jewels of the Illawarra and a hot spot for adventures. As well as hiking, this is a very popular spot for road and mountain bikers.

The Mount Keira ring track starts at a picnic ground near the Girl Guide camp. From here you’ll wind up the mountain’s south side to the bottom of the lookout road. Walking up to the lookout is a bit of a steep detour, but you’ll be rewarded with panoramic views up the coast and the chance to refuel at the cafe.

9. Mt Kembla Ring Track & Summit

Time from Sydney: 1hr 30min
5.3km loop (+3.4km summit return)
Duration: 3 hr (+1.5hr summit return)

From the car park at Mt Kembla lookout, the trail forks off into two tracks – the Mt Kembla Ring Track and the Mt Kembla Summit Track. Similar to Mount Keira, the Mount Kembla ring track loops around the base of the mountain through the historic mining area.


Brokers Nose, nicholas di genni, illawarra, best walks, microadventure, mt kembla summit, cliff


The Mt Kembla Summit Track is relatively short but the views at the end are amazing. There are a couple of hidden spots along the ridge that offer unspoiled views along the coast.

10. Drawing Room Rocks

Time from Sydney: 2hr 15min
4.5km return
Duration: 2.5 hr return

Another short trail that delivers spectacular views is Drawing Room Rocks at the back of Berry on the South Coast.

This track gets its name from the weird shape of the rocks at the lookout which looks like small desks (they’re perfect for a picnic). Even though the walk is short, the drive down the coast and view across the rolling farmlands of the South Coast is spectacular.

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So what are you waiting for? Lace up those boots and head out on one of the many gorgeous walking trails the region has to offer!

Wollongong & Illawarra hikes FAQs

How long is Mt Keira ring track?

The Mt Keira ring track is 5.5km long and should take you around 3-4 hours to complete.

Where can I walk in Illawarra?

There are a variety of places to walk in Illawarra such as sublime point, Mt Keira and  Wodi Wodi. All are detailed in the article above.

What is the hardest hiking trail in Australia?

The larapinta trail is most commonly referred to as the hardest hiking trail in Australia due to its length, rough terrain and remoteness.

Where does Sublime Point start?

Sublime point walk begins at sublime point lookout, just off the princess highway at the back of the township of Austinmer.

What is the nicest part of Wollongong?

The nicest part of wollongong is most definitely its beautiful walking tracks and exquisite natural bush.

Is Illawarra an Aboriginal name?

Yes the name is and Indigenous name for the area known as Illawarra but it is believed to be a misspelling of ‘Eloura’ meaning ‘pleasant place’.


Feature photo by @emily_parisi

We’ve shared these recommendations because we genuinely rate them and want you to enjoy them too. Our writers use a mix of personal experience, recommendations, and research to compile these lists, and they’re also encouraged to be honest when things aren’t up to scratch. For more information on our approach, check out our Editorial Standards.