Mount Ugly, Pigface Island, Ding Dong Rainforest.

Australia is full of weird and wonderful places, but Valentine’s Day is for the lovers. So instead of taking your Valentine to Knobby’s Creek, you might like to try some of these more romantic sounding destinations.

Honeymoon Bay

South Coast NSW

You don’t need to tie the knot to take your partner to Honeymoon Bay, but it helps. Just three hours south of Sydney, lies the small South Coast town of Currarong. Only open on weekends, and guarded by an intimidating military base on the road in, you’ve a good chance of finding a spot to erect your tent.


Honeymoon Bay, photo by Michael Harris

Photo by Michael Harris

Lovers Bay

Lord Howe Island

If you happen to find yourself on the beautiful Lord Howe Island this Valentine’s weekend, we commend you on your forward thinking! Now to score extra Valentine points, take your partner on a short walk to Lovers Bay; we’re pretty sure you’ll have this spot to yourselves, but if not, there are definitely worse places to be.

Wineglass Bay

Freycinet National Park, Tasmania

Lazing away the weekend on Wineglass Bay Beach is all well and good, but you didn’t come all this way not to hike up a mountain for a vintage view of the bay itself. Our pick for the champagne view is to scale Mt Amos, but the Wineglass Bay lookout walk isn’t a bad option if you fancy a quickie.


Pat Corden Freycinet Peninsula Circuit Tasmania

Wineglass Bay | Pat Corden

Paradise Caves


Explore your way to the north of Sunshine Beach and you’ll stumble across the Paradise Caves. Bring a picnic and a sense of adventure and you’ll be rock-scrambling your way to an epic Valentines Day. Just make sure you plan your visit at low tide to make the most of your exploration and remember to stay safe on rock platforms!

Valentine Hut

Snowy Mountains

There’s something infinitely romantic about hiking out to a backcountry hut with your partner, and Valentine Hut in the Snowy Mountains might just be the cutest one out there. The Valentine Hut trail was closed due to fires until the other day, just in time for the big day! So you heading out? Might get steamy in there.


The Gronk 690 – Bikepacking Kozzie Hut To Hut (NSW) Nick Kohn, jagungal wilderness, bike bag, bikepacking, kook echange crew, Valentine hut

Valentine Hut | Nick Kohn

The 5 Least Romantic Place Names

  • Mossy Nipple Bend
  • Shag Island
  • Dirty Bay
  • The Rocky Knob
  • Point Fanny


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