Noosa National Park is famous for its world-class beaches and shorelines, so Explorer Adam decided to check out some of the secluded rocky caves and bays in the area, including the epic Paradise Caves.


  • Bush hike / secluded beach
  • Easy access
  • Caves
  • Rockscapes
  • Amazing sunrises

First Cave Of The Day

We had a rough idea of where the Paradise Caves were so we decided to pack the truck and head towards Noosa. Arriving at Sunshine Beach (only thirty minutes from home) we embarked on our journey north over the headland, camera gear on our backs, coffee in hand and nothing but an iPhone light to guide us through the dense bush trail.

As the forthcoming sunlight slowly began to help us out, we found a secluded bay in which we could spark a sunrise fire (we also carried a separate backpack full of lumber). Whilst the sun rose and the fire got smaller we began to explore the northern end of the bay in search of the first cave.


Paradise Caves // Noosa National park (QLD) Adam Doyle, beach fire, sunrise


As we scrambled across some sharp and ridged rocks we found what was a large spooky looking dark hole entering the cliff face on the waters edge. Although we had every intention of entering this monster we were unfortunately unable to due to tide levels and large swells. Nonetheless the rocky seascapes with the impressive morning light made for some perfect photo opportunities.

Paradise Caves

As the sun continued higher we continued back south along the rocks in search of the second cave. Only then did we stumble across the actual ‘Paradise Caves’. They’re quite easily accessible although the rocks get rather slippery if they are wet.


Paradise Caves // Noosa National park (QLD) Adam Doyle, cave, ocean, person, horizon, rocks, sky


Blue skies, offshore winds and no one around made for a perfect morning and I will definitely be back to Paradise Caves again to explore.

Essential Gear

  • Enclosed footwear
  • Camera gear
  • Swimmers/towel
  • Water

How To Get There

Paradise Caves are located on the northern end of Sunshine Beach in Noosa National Park, Queensland. Enter the beach using the very last beach access on Seaview Terrace. Continue along the walking trail that takes you over the northern headland. Turn right at the top of the ridge and continue down a steep decline. Scale the rock face around to the left (at low tide) to access Paradise Caves.

Please note! At high tide accessing these caves is extremely dangerous. Check the Noosa tide times before you go.


  • Bushwalking
  • Swimming
  • Rock pools
  • Photography

Skill Level

Beginner – Short walk however there are some quite dangerous and slippery sections when scaling the rocks to access Paradise Caves.

Distance Covered

2km return walk