Ruby Claire

Lake Rosebery Nick Green

Coming Home. To The Wilderness

The wilderness, in its true form, no longer exists on planet earth. Our oceans are polluted and an array of species are extinct. Every mountain and river has been named, founded or colonised, and the composition of the atmosphere has been radically a... Read More...
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You Can Have A Beautiful Day Alone

Resident dreamer Ruby knows that you don't always need a crew of mates to have a beautiful day. This immersive ode to the mental health day and solo times outdoors fills us with happiness. Don't you deserve some self-love? Wake before the sun.... Read More...

Ruby Claire

When she's not swimming under waterfalls and climbing through the bush barefoot, you'll probably find Ruby with her nose buried in a book in a dimly lit pub. Ruby currently works for herself so she can swim every morning and change into pyjamas at lunch time.