Melbourne has a lot to offer when it comes to fishing. There are so many rivers, creeks, beaches, and rockpools to enjoy across the city and beyond. Mark from Kayak Guru is keen to share his list of seven super sweet fishing spots near Melbourne…

There are heaps of fishing spots in and around Melbourne, some of which have barbecue facilities where you can cook up your catch (snapper, whiting or trout, anyone?) and enjoy yourself with your friends.

However, with so many places to go and so much delicious fish to catch you’ll need a quick list of the best places to go fishing around Victoria’s most populous area. You also need to know when’s the best time to try your luck at each spot and whether you’re better off fishing from the shore, or from a kayak or boat. It’s also super important to make sure you’re on the right side of the law with permits.

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When’s the best time of year for fishing in Melbourne?

The best part about fishing in Melbourne is that you can fish all year round. However, fishing is much more fun and you get to catch more fish during the warmer months of the year (November to May).

What fish can I catch around Melbourne?


Snapper are the most common catch around Port Philip Bay (and all southern parts of coastal Australia). Snapper have a delicious white meat and are thankfully relatively easy to find.


They were first introduced in Australian freshwaters in the 1860s and have been thriving since. Brown and rainbow trout are found in the cooler parts of Australia. Luckily for us, that includes Victoria.


Whiting prefer shallow waters, which makes them an easy target for those who don’t want to venture far from shore.

What’s the deal with recreational fishing licenses?

Before you consider going fishing in Melbourne, it’s going to be likely that you’ll need a recreational fishing license. The truth is that your recreational license does more than just allow you to have fun hunting and fishing.

Many people complain about the amount of money they have to pay to ensure that they have a license each year. However, it is important to know that the license money still comes back to the fisherman via the local communities. Win-win for everyone. How? Well, up to 75% of the money charged for the license goes back to fish and wildlife programs. In turn, there are more fish in the rivers and creeks to be caught, which translates to more fun for families and anglers.


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7 Best Fishing Spots Near Melbourne


1. Albert Lake

Time from CBD: 20 mins

Spanning 5km along the golf course and the famous Grand Prix track, Albert Park Lake is a grossly underrated fishing location. It is also only 3km away from the Melbourne CBD area. This is the perfect place for inner-city dwellers who want to fish rainbow trout and golden perch without having to go far.


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Photo by Rob Deutscher | Creative Commons

2. Altona Pier

Time from CBD: 45 mins

In recent years, Altona Pier has jumped into the limelight for the fact that it is home to some rare Pokemon. However, back in the real world, the recent addition of the artificial reef about 50m after the end of the pier makes this a great location for catching actual fish too. It’s also close to a natural reef and rocks that provide fishers with a huge number of snapper during the warmer months.

You’re likely to seize the largest number of fish when there is a tide change. Pinkies are caught when there is a huge tide coming in while flatheads are caught when the tide is low.


3. Anglesea

Time from CBD: 1 hr 50 mins

You will find this great fishing spot right before the entrance to the Great Ocean Road. There are clean, scenic beaches and a splendid estuary. It offers you the widest variety of fish species, both at the estuary and beach.

Those who are not fishing fans can still have fun basking in the sun and swimming in the water. You can also hire a boat at the estuary entrance.


Photo courtesy of Visit Victoria

4. Yarra Bend Park

Time from CBD: 25 mins

You will find great fishing experiences around the bend. Yarra Bend Park is the largest area of natural vegetation near the Melbourne CBD area with over 16km of riverfront bushland. In this area, you’ll get more than just get a great fishing ground as there’s also a superb view of the international fly-casting pool and the city’s skyline.

There is a barbecue area where you and your family can enjoy cooking and eating your catch for the day. It is also a great place to get away from the noise and commotion of the city, without having to venture too far.


5. Plenty Gorge Park

Time from CBD: 40 mins

This is a great fishing area near Melbourne. The Blue Lake is known for the variety of fish it offers. Being 20km from Melbourne CBD, this secluded spot is a home away from home. It is quiet with fresh air that will make you feel like you are further away from town than you actually are.

You will be surrounded by native landscape and beautiful wildlife, in addition to an old quarry where you can fish.

6. Barwon Heads

Time from CBD: 1 hr 45 mins

If you are in Melbourne and in need of something fun to do during the cold months, consider fishing in the Barwon Heads. It also has numerous fishing spots from the boat ramp to the golf course.

For those with families, this is an ideal spot for children. As a parent, you can fish directly on the beach so that you can keep an eye on your kids as they play around in the sand.


Photo courtesy of Visit Victoria

7. Jubilee Lake

Time from CBD: 1 hr 40 mins

This one is for those wanting to well and truly get out of the city! Located near the gorgeous Daylesford, getting to Jubilee Lake requires a bit of a drive but is well worth it. There are numerous activities to get involved in (including canoeing and hiking) and cabins to rent. The lake is frequently stocked with trout, redfin and tench and there’s BBQ facilities on offer too.

So now there’s no excuses for you fisherfolk (or would-be fisherfolk) of Melbourne. With so many epic fishing spots right on your doorstep, all that’s left is for you to get out there and enjoy it!


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