Outdoor companies flippin’ love multi-purpose products.


Using a variety of zippers and buckles, you can get 3-in-1 jackets, 3-in-1 backpacks, and The North Face even make a 3-in-1 sleeping bag. But I think this is the first time that we’ve seen a 3-in-1 shoe.

Japanese outdoor brand Snow Peak and TOKYO DESIGN STUDIO New Balance have just released their second concept collaborative effort with the Niobium Capsule Collection. The star of this collaboration is the innovative, and frankly kinda-wacky-in-a-rad-way, Niobium Concept 1 multi-purpose shoe.


Based on a theme of ‘camp fishing’, the three wearable layers of the shoe are designed to take you from wet and muddy outdoor activities, through campside footwear, all the way to home (or hut) slipper. The concept shoe uses the sole from New Balance’s best-selling trail running model and the upper from the waterproof eVent bootie.

Is zip-off cool again? Was it ever cool? Who knows. Love the energy guys, keep it up.


Photo by Snow Peak