Wetsuits have a tepid history when it comes to sustainability, but Project Blank is changing that with a plan to reuse, repurpose, and recycle old wetsuits.


While wetsuits belong in the water, at the end of their lives, they all too often end up in landfill.

Wetsuit manufacturing has a bit of a petroleum problem, and while there’s been a decade-long shift towards natural rubber in the form of ‘Yulex’, which results in 80% less carbon dioxide emissions than a traditional neoprene equivalent, the problem remains that wetsuits still end up either in the rubbish or incinerated. 

In fact, around 800,000,000kg of textiles are thrown away every year and of this, 380,000kg comes from materials used in manufacturing wetsuits.

‘We’re aware that as an industry, we have a long way to go to be completely sustainable,’ Project Blank says.

‘No brand is perfect, no solution is absolute. If we put our heads together, however, we can come up with ways to cut down on this waste.’

‘We’re super excited to launch three new initiatives that aim to reduce our contribution to landfill by reusing, repurposing, and recycling old products.’


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Here are three ways wetsuits are being given a new lease on life thanks to Project Blank.

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1. Recycling Wetsuits

Project Blank is partnering with Upparel to have old wetsuits and 10kg of unwanted clothing collected directly from your own house. 

They’ll even give you a $25 credit to spend on your next wetty! Check it out.


2. Upcycling Wetsuits Into Bags

Surfers can now upcycle old wetsuits into bespoke carry bags and accessories. It’s all the rage, darling!

Into Carry began by upcycling waste materials such as broken tarps and umbrellas. Now they’ve taken their skills to wetsuits.

‘Trash comes in all shapes and sizes so when we’re designing a bag, we make sure we can build it from all sorts of materials. When the opportunity came to upcycle wetsuits on their way to the bin, we jumped straight on the sewing machine and found a way to turn it Into Carry’ – Luke Brooks, Founder, Into Carry.

Check out the different wetsuit bag styles on offer!

3. Upcycle Your Own Wetsuit into a Laptop Sleeve 

In addition to buying an old wetty that’s now a new bag, you can also pay Project Blank to upcycle your own old wetsuit into two brand new products — a laptop case and a pouch – totally unique to you!

This way, every time you take your laptop to work or uni, you can daydream about that time you got utterly pitted at your local in your old 3/2mm.

Turn your wetty into unique products exclusive to you – check it out!



For more info on what you can do with an old wetsuit, check out Project Blank’s project: In Pursuit of a Happier Planet


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