Back in December, Beau Miles set out to bring us 12 videos about 12 Days of Newness (kind of like Christmas presents). 


After six days of sharing fresh footage of all the new things he’d been up to, he decided we needed to practice delayed gratification, and put a halt to the videos.

But a few weeks ago, out of the blue, Beau started cranking them out again, day after day after day. And now, all 12 Days of Newness are here and ready for you to watch in perfect order. Talk about a cinematic experience! 

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From buying his first T-shirt in a shop (yes, seriously), to making handmade hay bales and kayaking in the snow, Beau takes us on a journey of (mostly) simple but new experiences that add a dose of adventure to everyday life (ok ok, so there are a few more ‘out there’ firsts as well). 

But along the way he proves to us, and himself, that newness is limitless. All it takes is a bit of imagination. 

So grab a new drink you’ve never tasted (I’ve got an espresso with sparkling water on the side), cosy up in a new space, and lock in for the 12 Days of Newness in its entirety. 

Ready, set, go!

Day 1 – Town Firsts


Day 2 – Triathlon My Way to Work


Day 3 – Getting Painted for Australia’s Most Prestigious Portrait Prize


Day 4 – Finding Money on Roundabouts to Pay for a Date


Day 5 – An Entire Tree of Firewood for Our New Kid


Day 6 – My Daughter’s First Day at the Snow


Day 7 – Picking Up Every Bit of Rubbish on a Six Hour Run


Day 8 – Tennis Where Every Point is a Different Court


Day 9 – Sweaty Man Makes Handmade Hay Bales


Day 10 – This is What I Thought While Skydiving


Day 11 – Making a Wood Raft to Paddle a Canadian River


Day 12 – Running a Marathon in a Luxury Hotel