Beau Miles is back on the road after successfully touring Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane earlier this year. Don’t miss your chance to see secret screenings of unseen films and pile on in the Q&A.


Beau’s a man known for setting himself challenges as ambitious as running 650km across the Australian Alps and as obscure as living off canned beans for 40 days.

He does all this with a camera in hand and a smile across his face for his YouTube audience of over 600,000 subscribers.

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Beau’s touring a bunch of ‘Secret Screenings’ (shhh) of his films before they’re released on his channel. These films are not quite ready, they’re on their way to the final product and Beau is keen to get your insight.

The screenings will be accompanied by a Q&A session with Beau himself, showcasing his quintessential wit and storytelling, as well as some key insights into the filming and production process.

The We Are Explorers crew had a blast checking out the show in Sydney earlier this year and the tour’s now making its way to Hobart, Canberra, Adelaide, and Perth! Don’t miss out.

Beau Miles Secret Screenings Tour Dates

Hobart – Theatre Royal, 26th of August 2023 –  Buy Now

Canberra – Manning Clark Hall, 31st of August 2023 –  Buy Now

Adelaide – Capri Theatre, 2nd of September 2023 –  Buy Now

Perth – Heath Ledger Theatre, 6th of September 2023 –  Buy Now


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Why not take a leaf out of Beau’s kooky book and take the long way round to a screening? Run, walk, paddle, hot-air balloon or walk sideways to the show. Get creative and be adventurous! (And tell Beau all about it when you get there, he’ll love it.)

Tickets are now on sale. Run, don’t walk and grab yours now!

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Photos thanks to @mitchdrummond