Trek Velocis Mips Road Bike Helmet
You can't put a price on maximum comfort, breathability and safety. If you could it would be a lot more than than the RRP of the Trek Velocis Mips Road Bike Helmet.
Weight & Ventilation
Fit and comfort
Very lightweight
Styling (if you’re not into speed racers)

In an effort to stop him headbutting lowlying branches, we stuck a brand new brain bucket on Josh’s head. Here’s what he thinks of the latest Trek Velocis Mips Road Bike Helmet.


Alright, I’ll start by saying this style of helmet is not what I’d normally go for. I’m more of a use of my head to deflect wayward sticks and stones kind of rider. But, with the recent entry into the world of gravel, it was time to look at a helmet option that not only protected my noggin, but that kept me cool and comfortable for big days in the saddle.

I’ve come across MIPS technology in the past (I was previously a travelling ski helmet salesman), so I have an understanding of how that technology works. But, throw in a fancy BOA fit system and I was a kid in a feature-filled cranium candy store when it came to the Trek Velocis Mips Road Bike Helmet.


Weight & Ventilation

The Velocis is the helmet of choice for Trek’s top road racers and weighs in at just 260g. So, not only is it fast as…. but it’s also industry-leading lightweight.

The new version (which I’m rocking for this review) also has a totally new ventilation system which I’m told increases cooling by 38%.



If keeping cool is your ultimate goal then this thing does it perfectly. The only time it might let you down is if you’re using it in cooler temperatures or on cold bikepacking mornings. But I guess you can always put a beanie underneath.


There’s also some pretty rad tech in this bad boy that really got my wheels spinning. Most noticeably, the single lace BOA fit system. Not only is it super light, it’s really easy to use and it gives a full wrap-around fit. This fit system was super accommodating and even worked comfortably with a brim baseball cap underneath.

A lot of helmet fit systems will claim to give you a full 360-degree or wrap-around fit, but what actually happens is the fit system at the back applies all the pressure and has a tendency to compress your head. In these style helmets, the inner length will shorten but the width won’t. This can lead to a loose fit and a headache after a full day of wear.

The fit of the Trek Velocis is one of the best I’ve had the pleasure of putting on my head. The only reason I didn’t give it a full 100% is that you need to leave 1% for that mythical unicorn that might come along.

MIPS Technology

In addition to the fancy fit system, the helmet also features a sleek take on the MIPS impact technology.

For those new to MIPS it’s more than just the yellow dot you see on the back of your helmet, it’s actually a pretty techy piece of kit. 

MIPS acts in the same way a gimbal does, allowing your head and helmet to somewhat float independently of each other. The theory is that if you take a blow to the head, that slight movement will help to disperse force, reducing the overall impact on your head.



For an ultralight race-inspired helmet, the quality and materials used in the Velocis are the best available. 

However, an increase in lightweight performance can also mean a lack of sturdiness and durability. 

If you’re looking for a bombproof helmet that you can trash around, then maybe look at something intended for mountain biking. But if you’re good at looking after your kit then you’ll have no issues getting lots of life out of the Velocis.



Beauty is in the eye of the beholder? A face only a mother could love? Ok, when it comes to race and road style helmets there are some pretty funky-looking options out there. 

The choice between fast and function doesn’t often come in a single package. While this helmet is filled to the brim with tech I think it also looks pretty clean and not too outrageous. 

Hell, I even wore it through my local pump track, on my way home from a test ride, and the local bike rats didn’t call me a kook. So surely that means it’s not too over the top with speed racer styling.  

Cool kids wear lids right?



OK, so here’s where some of you might fall off your chair or choke on your coffee. 

Coming in at $399 the Velocis MIPS isn’t the cheapest helmet around. But, if you take the ‘buy once, cry once’ approach then it’s not too big of a pill to swallow. If you’re someone who spends hours in the saddle, appreciates comfort, and wants reliable protection, this is a worthy investment.

Final Thoughts

I’ll say it again. I’m not usually the sort of person who would either be seen in or consider buying a helmet that looks more in place in the peloton than on the flow track, but things have changed. Maybe it’s the recent Tour De France inspiring me or the fact that I’m doing the type of riding that requires a lightweight and breathable helmet, but the Velocis is now one of my most trusted pieces of kit for long, hot gravel rides.



If you can look past the price tag and instead see it as an investment in overall life enjoyment, then you’ll see that the Velocis is a good choice for any weight and breathability-conscious road, gravel or bikepack rider.


Josh was sent the Trek Velocis Mips Road Bike Helmet by Trek and was allowed to keep it afterwards, the views are his own.