Monotony is poison. New South Wales has the pulsating rhythmical remedy. We’ve hand-selected the best camping getaways from Sydney to help break free of city livin’. 

Are you looking for a weekend getaway in the wild with some close mates to chew the fat and an overcooked lamb chop around the camp-fire? Or maybe a romantic escape with your better half to a secret beach hideaway where you can enjoy a night of cuddles, bubbles and snuggles at the million-star hotel? Perhaps there’s a tiny little hermit trapped inside the suit you wear from Monday to Friday that yearns for the mountains and with it the opportunity to be free and happy in your birthday suit amongst mother nature?

My friends and I have spent hundreds of nights roaming NSW’s mountains, coastlines, rivers and lakes following our wanderlust and searching for camp-vibes and the promise of adventure in all sorts of weird and wonderful nooks and crannies. We haven’t even touched the sides of what’s out there, but I wanted to pick out five of the best spots we’ve found so far to help you plan the perfect weekend escape.

The following camp spots are all tried and tested. They’re within 2-3 hours of Sydney, have facilities but are as far as possible from caravan parks! They’re not just the same old spots that appear when googling ‘camping near Sydney’ (that means everyone’s going there, and the last thing I want when escaping hoards of people is hoards of people!).

Camping is the best bed and breakfast money can’t buy, so whichever way the the wild calls you get offline, go outside, disconnect, reconnect, free your mind, breathe, breathe again, delve deep into the wild, look up at the stars, get lost, have an adventure, go camping.

The Top 5 Camping Getaways from Sydney by Henry Brydon tents, surfboards# 1 Shelly Beach

(3hrs North of Sydney)

With bragging rights for one of the state’s largest lake systems and with pacific surf rolling in a few metres in the other direction, Myall Lakes is nothing short of a honey-pot for escapee campers. More than 20 campsites are hidden away in the region, so you’re bound to find a secluded spot to stick your proverbial flag. Shelly, however, is our fave.

# 2 Dunn’s Swamp

(3hrs West of Sydney)

You’ll be relieved to hear the location for this little gem is more fortunate than it’s name. Perhaps Mr Dunn was trying to stop anyone else from supplanting his slice of paradise? Nevertheless, tucked away in Wollemi National Park is the perfect place to unwind and get back to nature. Keep your eyes peeled for Platypus!

The Top 5 Camping Getaways from Sydney by Henry Brydon tent, sky

# 3 North Era

(1hr South of Sydney)

It’s hard to believe that escapes like this exist within 60mins of Sydney’s CBD! Park at Garie Beach in the Royal National Park and walk over the headland with your supplies. It’s a beaut of a spot but expect to be wetter than an otter’s pocket on arrival – it’s a steep, sweaty climb and descent over the headland to get there. Don’t forget your surf board!

# 4 Pebbly Beach

(3hrs South of Sydney)

Probably the best-designed campsite of all that I’ve seen in NSW, not only is it difficult to beat for watching the sunrise (alongside a pack of sand loving kangaroo’s if you’re lucky) you’ll also get your own private allotment to set up a base for the night. Murramarang National Park, with its surf, epic cliffs and mountains is an absolutely magnificent weekend getaway.

# 5 Little Beach

(2hrs North of Sydney)

If I could, I would relocate here permanently. A small and intimate campground within Bouddi National Park, there are only a few spots so make sure you book in early during the summer months. Complete with BBQ, toilets, sun, surf and fishing, all you need to do is bring your friends.

Of course, this is subjective, and I’ve no doubt missed plenty of other incredible spots. Feel free to highlight my ignorance and leave your comments below. Better yet, submit your favourite getaway from Sydney to our editor, Tim, via the Explorer Project.
The Top 5 Camping Getaways from Sydney by Henry Brydon hammock camping near sydney

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