Looking for the perfect undisturbed wave within pissing distance of Sydney? We found it in the Royal National Park.

Despite going through a similar follicle challenge to Kelly Slater, our likeness, unfortunately, ends there.

While I drop into waves with all the skill, style and grace of Gina Rhinehart pole dancing, I still find myself monumentally frustrated at the level of surfing congestion at my adopted home beach in Bondi. Very much like my bald brother Kel feels on a busy day in Florida.

Time To Get Outta The Big Smoke

The 6am club decided to escape from the prying lens of Monsieur Aquabumps for the weekend and headed 1.5 hours south to the Royal National Park.

We parked the cars at Garie Beach and carried everything we needed (boards, camping gear and nosh) about 2km south to the free campground at North Era. It’s a beaut of a spot, but expect to be wetter than an otter’s pocket on arrival – it’s a steep, sweaty climb and descent over the headland to get there.

Lesson of the weekend: Unless you bring your Sherpa with you, pack light.

Surfing at South Era

We were rewarded with incredible sunset surfing at South Era on Saturday, followed by a full day of undisturbed flapping about in the crystal clear waves on Sunday, all broken up with a justly deserved piss up. Tom showed us all how to do drop in properly though – a sharp reminder to pull our fingers out.

This place is an absolute find, so whether you’re a surfer at either end of the talent spectrum, there’s plenty of fun to be had here. Keep an eye on the swell before you head down though, the beach is only occasionally patrolled (on Sundays) so you want to make sure you aren’t out of your depth and that you make it home to Sydney.