Who hasn’t dreamt of sunflower field frolicking, Julie Andrews style? Read on to find out where you can do just that, a mere 4.5 hour drive out of Sydney…


  • Secluded Sunflower fields
  • Sunflowers
  • More Sunflowers!

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The Lowdown

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Frolicking through a Sunflower field has always been a bucket list item (you’re lying to yourself if you say it isn’t). So as soon as I received an email from the Sunflower Alert I decided it was time to tick this one off the list.

Getting there is about a four and a half hour drive from Sydney.

Approaching the fields, you’re driving along the country road and suddenly plants with green stems and yellow flowers appear along the horizon and you know the dream is in reach; sunflowers as far as the eye can see. Park your car on the road and climb the fence, after checking at the visitor centre to find a field where the farmer has been kind enough to allow visitors. Here you find yourself face to face with thousands of sunflowers almost as tall as you.

It is here that you will commence frolicking. Find yourself any path you see fit and enjoy being immersed in the sea of sunflowers.

The location of these sunflower fields change from year to year but the Liverpool Plains Visitor Information Centre on the New England Highway in Willow Tree provide information each year on the best current places for some sunflower frolicking. 

Please remember these flowers are the farmers’ livelihood, so take care where you tread and don’t damage the crop.

Essential Gear 

  • Enclosed shoes (snakes live in the crop sometimes)
  • A hat
  • Sunscreen

How To Get There

The locations of the sunflower crop will change each season. Also, flowering can happen any time between December and March each year, depending on when the crop was planted and the weather conditions each year. Flowering season lasts about three weeks. You can sign up to the Sunflower Alert email list to be notified when it’s time to get your frolicking gear on. 

Drop into the Liverpool Plains Visitor Information Centre on the New England Highway in Willow Tree and grab a map to point you in the right direction so you can find them easier. 


  • Frolicking
  • Picnicking

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