So you wanna get dirty on the first date? Sign up for ACT Landcare’s Speed Planting event. You might just germinate the beginning of a beautiful relationship. 


Looking for your eco-cutie? Someone who loves the environment as much as they’ll love you? Maybe you’ll find your soil mate at ACT Landcare’s first speed planting event. It’s like speed dating but instead of moving seats around a pub, you plant native trees with strangers. 

In pairs, you’re given ten minutes to plant each tree, the perfect amount of time to start a conversation and suss out whether you two could put down roots. At the end of the event there’s a communal lunch where everyone gets to mingle and swap numbers with their favourite green thumb. 



The idea has been so popular, practically all spaces have already been filled (except for single men over 50 who like long walks on the beach and sequestering carbon emissions). Instead, Landcare is now taking names and creating a waitlist for the next speed planting sessions. 

The event is totally free and Landcare even offers a shuttle service from Civic and Calwell out to the planting site – more time for mingling!

The first speed planting event is happening Saturday May 15th between 9:30am and 12:30pm (which leaves Saturday night open for a follow up date). Keep your peepers peeled for upcoming chances to mingle and do your part for the planet at the same time!


Feature photo thanks to Ecosia