Thanks to the generosity of the We Are Explorers community, Rewild the Snowies has raised over $40,000 to plant 8,000 trees in Snowy Mountains soil with Keep It Cool. Booyah!


Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! To every single person who chucked in cash, thank you. We’re gobsmacked at the generosity and support our community shows to every project we get behind.

We received generous donations from a whopping 471 supporters and managed to raise $40,275 in collaboration with our mates at Keep It Cool. 



Special shout out to In2thewild Tiny Holidays, Snowball Chalet, Wild Earth, Lantern Thredbo Apartments, Bonjoro, Compass Studio, Destination Think, acidlabs Design, and Henley Property who all made sizeable donations and really helped this campaign reach its target! 

And of course a massive thanks to our legendary sponsors at Le Bent, Zorali, Capital Brewing Co, and Thredbo Resorts, who all chucked in awesome gifts to entice you to splash a little more cash. 

Lucas and the team at Keep It Cool will lead the charge in getting thousands of native trees planted across the Snowy Mountains region come spring next year. If you donated enough to score an invite to the planting day, we’ll get in touch soon to fill you in on all the deets!


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Claimed a perk? Now that we know exactly how many legends we owe a t-shirt/pair of sandals/slab of beer to, we’ll be hot-footing to get in contact with you, find out your size and address, and get those goodies in your grubby mitts.

At the start of this campaign, we set out to raise $30,000 and are completely stoked to have smashed right past this goal. 

Cheers again to every single legend who contributed to this campaign in some way. Let’s Rewild the Snowies!


Photos by @boenferguson