We’re teaming up with Keep It Cool to crowdfund $30,000, plant 6,000 trees and Rewild the Snowies. But we need your help!


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We Love a Crowdfunding Mission

Last year the epic We Are Explorers community dug deep and raised over $25,000 to purchase a block of ancient Gondwana Rainforest in the Daintree. With the help of Rainforest 4 Foundation, we successfully bought the land and returned it to National Parks and the Traditional Owners to preserve and protect it forever. 

But we ain’t no one-trick pony.

Rewild the Snowies

This year we’ve turned our attention to the Snowy Mountains, one of Australia’s most unique and beloved environments. Whether covered in snow or glistening in the sun, the Snowy Mountains is a playground for all Australians, with a remarkable history and distinctly recognisable landscape. 



The Snowies have been extensively cleared for grazing and were badly damaged by the Black Summer bushfires. It’s an incredibly vulnerable environment on a warming planet. But there are plenty of locals who give a damn about restoring the area to what it once was. 

Keep It Cool is a locally-based organisation planting native trees in the Snowies and we’re teaming up with them to raise $30,000 and plant 6000 of the things. 

We want to Rewild the Snowies by planting native trees that will sustain the local ecology, create desperately needed habitats, and draw down carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

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Nice! How can I get involved?

Head to our Chuffed campaign and chuck us a fiver. It’s as simple as that. 

Every $5 donation means one native tree will be bought from a local nursery, planted in the Snowy Mountains, and meticulously cared for by the community. 

The breakdown of cash goes a little something like this; 

$2 covers the cost of the plant and tube stock

$2 pays for ground preparation, fertiliser and plant guard 

$1 is for admin costs to get the job done right 

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What if I want to donate more than $5?

Well, that makes you a certified legend! And to celebrate, we’ll chuck ya a gift courtesy of our mates at Zorali, Capital Brewing, Thredbo and Le Bent. Here’s what’s on offer!

$5 – 1 native tree planted and a warm pat on the back 

$25 – 5 trees planted and an invitation to our tree planting party in spring 2021

$50 – 10 trees planted, party invite and a cosy pair of Le Bent socks 

$100 – 20 trees planted, party invite and a limited edition Rewild the Snowies t-shirt, designed by local artist Leah Foster

$150 – 30 trees planted, party invite and a tasty case of Capital Brewing XPA

$200 – 40 trees planted, party invite and a snazzy pair of Zorali sandals 

$500 – 100 trees planted, party invite, Le Bent socks, Rewild the Snowies Tee, Capital Brewing XPA case and Zorali sandals 

$1000 – This one’s for businesses who want to lend a hand! 200 trees planted, shout out on We Are Explorers and invitations for 10 people in your company to come to our tree planting party 

$1500 – 300 trees planted, party invite and a Thredbo weekend away for two, lucky you!

However much you can give is epic! We ain’t fussy and we appreciate every cent. Just remember, we’ve only got a limited number of each gift to give away, so be speedy or ya may miss out on what your heart desires (no shortage of trees though!).


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Take My Money!

The Chuffed campaign is now live!

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