It’s official! We’ve finalised the purchase of our block of land in the Daintree Rainforest and now it can be returned to the Daintree National Park for good! 


Cast your mind waaaay way back to November 2019. Doesn’t it just seem like a lifetime ago? Do you remember what you were doing? Something outside, probably. 

We were starting out crowdfunding campaign to purchase a block of land in the Daintree Rainforest, return it to the national park and protect it forever. 

Maybe you heard about our campaign. Maybe you even donated to the cause! With the help of the legendary We Are Explorers community and our mates at Rainforest 4 Foundation, we managed to raise $25,000 in less than a month, to secure a hectare of land in the Daintree.

And it’s recently become official and finalised; Lot 305 Cypress Road, Cow Bay has been purchased and is ready to be returned to the Daintree National Park. Booyah! 

A massive thanks to everyone that supported this campaign and to the team at Rainforest 4 Foundation who helped show us the way. 

We’re beyond stoked that this epic campaign has been such a success and this gorgeous chunk of nature will be protected forever. 

This is the fifth block of land in the Daintree that Rainforest 4 Foundation have managed to buy back. And they’re not stopping there! They’re currently fundraising to purchase Lot 330 Cape Tribulation Road. If you’re keen to keep on supporting the cause, make a donation! Every $2.50 donated saves one square metre of rainforest. Get to it!


Feature photo by Steven Nowakowski