Today’s a bloody exciting day if you’re a regional Victorian. Probably the most exciting day of the last three months because REGIONAL TRAVEL IS JUST TWO DAYS AWAY.


Premier Dan Andrews has just announced that from THIS THURSDAY, those living in regional Victoria will progress to step three of the grand reopening plan (which still includes mandatory masks btw). 

That’s a big change for a lot of people and means heaps of small pleasures are back! Like having a picnic with a group of 10 people, getting ya hair did, eating a meal at a restaurant and even travelling for a holiday! Heck yeah! 

From 11.59pm on Wednesday, anyone living outside of metropolitan Melbourne is allowed to travel anywhere around regional Victoria. Like, ANYWHERE. 

There’ll be no restrictions on how often you can leave the house, or how far you can travel. Think of all the possibilities! You could go hiking and camping and surfing and mountain biking and just run around the forest kicking up your heels in glee!


Emus, Koalas and Volcanos, Oh My! // Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve (VIC), Bee Stephens, photo by Jono Tan, flower bath, happy, smile, BEE

All of regional Victoria in 48 hours | @thetantrap


It’s all come about because regional Victoria’s average daily cases have dropped to 3.6, with no mystery cases for two weeks running. Plus, today’s the first day since July 13th that Victoria hasn’t recorded a COVID-related death. Onya Vicco! 

For those living in Melbourne, things are certainly improving, but you’re not quite there yet. Metropolitan Melbourne is currently on step one of the roadmap to recovery plan. Not a lot has changed, but there are a few key factors! Curfew has been pushed back to 9pm (rather than 8pm), residents are allowed two hours of outdoor exercise a day (up from one), plus those living alone are allowed a nominated mate to come over. 

It’s been a bloody tough slog but the light at the end of the tunnel is starting to glow! You all deserve a long, warm hug and a bloody holiday! 

So where are you gonna go first? 

Maybe straight to the beach to cleanse your soul in the salty waters? Or to the mountains to breathe in that fresh alpine air? Wherever you choose, live it up! And drop some dosh with the locals, they’ve bloody missed you.


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Feature photo by @lauraalycebell