Project Blank will reward you with a big discount for recycling your old rubber — and it can be any old wetsuit, not even one of theirs!


Project Blank is an Australian wetsuit brand that will be the first to admit, ‘Big surf has a big problem.’

The problem is, each year an estimated 380 tonnes of wetsuit waste is sent to landfill.

We’ve previously chronicled how brands like Project Blank and Patagonia have made wetsuits more eco-friendly with the use of natural yulex rubber, as well as encouraged the upcycling of old wetsuits into new accessories.

However, this month, as they welcome the chill in the air — and shortly, the water — they want you to send your old wetsuit to them instead of the landfill and they’ll give you $100 off a brand new one.

‘We’re constantly on the hunt for ways to increase the sustainability of our products at Project Blank, whether it’s utilising plant-based materials & regenerative fibres, plastic neutrality or offering a selection of recycling & upcycling initiatives that ‘close the loop’ of our manufacturing process,’ said Joshua Small, Head of Marketing at Project Blank.


Project Blank Wetsuit

What happens to the old wetsuits?

If the collected wetsuits are in a decent enough condition, then they’ll be donated to charity.

If however, they’ve got more than five holes (your neck and four limbs), then they’ll be shredded up and the fibres can be used to create new yarn or turned into things like insulation, roof tiles and even stuffing for dog beds.

Project Blank is working with the good folks at Uparrel to find these new uses for the old rubber.

Where to send the old suits?

All you have to do is send your old wetsuits (any and all brands) that you have lying around the house to the below address:

c/o Project Blank, 33 Macbeth Street, Braeside, Victoria, 3195

If the feeling of giving your old suit a new lease on life and keeping it out of landfill isn’t good enough, Project Blank are also sweetening the deal with $100 off any brand-new steamer (simply enter the code EXPLORERSRECYCLE at their checkout).

*If you use our unique Explorers discount code (as opposed to the RECYCLE code on their website), you get the same excellent discount but we get a little froth on top to help us keep bringing you stories of great times spent outdoors and brands doing good.


Project Blank Wetsuit


As we head full steam(er) into winter, be part of the solution and not the problem!

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