The cooler months are here and all the kooks have paddled in for the winter. But with the right wettie, those who live for the barrels will be able to endure even the iciest of mornings.


Patagonia has just dropped the latest generation of their neoprene-free wetties. Compared to last years batch;

  • they dry out quicker, which is handy in the soft winter sun
  • they’re stretchier, meaning they’re easier to pull off with frozen fingers
  • they fit a wide range of body types, which means you can lend it to your mate when they’ve only packed a springy

These wetsuits are made with Yulex natural rubber, a more renewable substance than neoprene. In fact, they’re the first Fair Trade Certified wetsuits. Howzaaat? 

And if a new winter wettie isn’t enough to will you into the water, maybe the new Patagonia short film, ‘Inside This Soft World’ will inspire you. 

Starring Dave Rastovich humbly shredding the gnar on a Wednesday morning, this epic surf clip by Nathan Oldfield is sure to have you perusing the coastline for an empty break in no time.

Sit back and take it alllll in.



Feature photo by Nathan Oldfield