Finding the right pair of socks can be fickle, but two Melbourne mates reckon they’ve created the comfiest socks in the world, and it all stemmed from hiking


Paire is a fresh socks brand born out of Melbourne by mates Nathan Yun and Rex Zhang, who’ve used advanced tech and a world-first antimicrobial yarn to create a new line of socks that range from no-show socks to winter snow sport socks

‘The idea for Paire socks was born from Nathan’s love of overnight hikes, and him needing socks that kept his feet warm but didn’t stink over the days. Every time he’s picked me up – his car stank like a toilet,’ said Rex Zhang, co-founder of Paire Socks. ‘That was the impetus for our business.’


What makes Paire socks different?

The first difference you’ll probably notice is the shape. Rather than the traditional 120-degree shape socks usually take, Paire uses a unique 90-degree design instead, a shape much more similar to your own feet and ankles. Apparently this is the way socks used to be made and Paire says this increases the comfort and support of the socks and prevents them from slipping off!

What you might not instantly notice, is the world-first material that the socks are made of, an antimicrobial yarn designed specifically by Paire called CoolBlend, which combines wool and cotton into a single strand. Combining the two usually incompatible fibres took over 100 attempts, but now this new fabric has the best of both worlds, with the bacteria disinfecting (i.e no bad smells) and temperature control features of wool, combined with the sweat absorption of cotton. 

That makes Paire socks durable and comfy in all seasons.

Those are the major differences, but you might also notice;

  • Hand-sewn seamless toes 
  • Subtle arch support
  • Extra cushioning on the heels and sole
  • Lightly elasticised cuff


Olympian Approved

We Are Explorers is yet to test out a pair of Paires, but if the recommendations from Aussie Olympic athletes are anything to go by, we can’t wait to get these socks in our hiking boots and on the trail. 

Emily Abbot, Rythmic Gymnast – ‘So beautiful, I wore them to training tonight. It was like walking on a cloud, thank you so much X.’

Karri McMahon, Pro Hockey Player – ‘Loved the Active Ankle Socks this morning. The addition of the higher and thicker heel is brilliant, and the socks are so warm but very breathable. Socks were fairly absorbent, and my shoes weren’t soaked after the workout. Also loved how they don’t slip and are very comfortable in general.’

Paire also offers a 100-day free trial, so if you grab yourself a pair and decide they’re not the comfiest sock in the world after all, you can return them within 100-days, no questions asked.