No one loves the long drop, but a scenic setting can lighten the load. We asked our community about their favourite toilets in the wild and they did not disappoint!


You grind the coffee beans and fire up the stove, but two sips into your AeroPress, things start stirring.

Now there are many reasons to love an outdoor loo, particularly the spectacular views that come with the real estate, but I mostly love them for two reasons: Number one and number two.

Sorry, excuse the shit chat – let’s get to it. Here are some of the most scenic outdoor dunnies our readers and contributors have… visited.

1. Mackays Hut

Location: Jagungal Wilderness, ACT
Contributed by: Jonathan Tan

This dunny at Mackays Hut is tucked away deep into the northern part of Kosciuszko National Park. Though there are many ways to reach your final destination, the most efficient of them is a 70km out-and-back overnight bikepacking trip starting from Denisons Campground.

The adventure begins from the get go where you’ll immediately be greeted with a river crossing and get your toes wet before pushing the pedals to the hut, but the reward is well worth it. Put it this way, there’s not too many toilets you’d allow the paparazzi to snap away while you’re handling your business, but this is definitely one of those occasions.

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Party up top, business down below | @thetantrap

2. Tahune Hut

Location: Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park, TAS
Contributed by: Damo Tually

When I reached out to our Explorer Project, more than one person had put this particular dunny at Tahune Hut in their hall of fame and it’s safe to say the views from this loo are just RIDICULOUS.

If you intend to number two on this lovely loo you’ll have to take on Frenchmans Cap, one of Tassie’s highest peaks at 1445m. It just so happened my mate Damo had just attempted to summit said peak, and though he failed to do that due to gnarly conditions and safety concerns, his bowel movement was an extreme success.

Sometimes you’ve gotta see it to believe it and you’ll have the best seat at the hut.

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3. Heather Jock Hut

Location: Whakaari Conservation Area, NZ South Island
Contributed by: Harrison Candlin

Queenstown is the gateway to plenty of adventures on New Zealand’s South Island, and a hike to Heather Jock Hut should definitely be on your list, if not for the views then certainly for the loo.

This particular hike is only 45 minutes from Queenstown and delivers incredibly rewarding views for little effort. Though you’ll struggle to find many dunnies more picturesque than this, we’ve agreed that a 180 spin allowing the door to open out toward the valley would take it to the next level. What do you reckon? Should we start a petition?

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There are worse spots for the morning read | @harrisoncandlin

4. Mt Solitary/Ruined Castle

Location: Blue Mountains National Park, NSW
Contributed by: Matt Pearce

Looking for a loo with a view in the world class Blue Mountains National Park?

To cross paths with this iconic landmark, you’ll have to hike through the lush Jamison Valley below Katoomba on an overnight hike to Mt Solitary via Ruined Castle, one of the most recognisable landmarks in the valley, on the Federal Pass Walking Track.

For those planning to soak up the serenity and camp out on Mt Solitary before making your way back to reality, this will be your last dunny stop before you loop back around, so do with that info what you will.

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Give me a home among the gumtrees? I’ll take a loo instead. | @pearce_m

5. Mueller Hut

Location: Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park, NZ South Island
Contributed by: Rohan Krishnan

This iconic red hut elevated 1800 metres on the Sealy Range has to be one of New Zealand’s most recognisable huts, but it’s time we gave some love to its more petite counterpart.

Though the ascent is demanding and steep, you’ll enjoy insane views down to the Hooker Valley, and when you reach the hut, you’ll be greeted with 360 degree panoramic views to the surrounding glaciers and ice cliffs as well as some of New Zealand’s highest peaks

There’d be no judgement here if you decided to pop your headphones in as you step out of this loo and bump ‘It Was A Good Day’ by Ice Cube as you strut back towards Mueller Hut.

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6. Bellbird Campground

Location: Washpool National Park, NSW
Contributed by: Tim Ashelford

Washpool National Park is totally underrated, and NSW National Parks put in a stellar effort to keep this loo in mint condition. The wood cabin styling is cosy, yet openings around the high ceiling let in a generous amount of light and deliver spectacular views of the foliage above.

Tim described using this toilet as ‘tantamount to a religious experience’ and his morning mosey through the thick coachwood down the path from the campsite was tranquil: ‘nary a whiff was sniffed on my approach’.

In fact, it was so nice that he went back for seconds.


Nary a whiff was sniffed on his approach to this gem | @tim_ashelford

7. MacKinnon Pass Shelter

Location: Fiordland National Park, NZ South Island
Contributed by: Kate Miles

If you search for this toilet on Google Maps, you’ll see it tagged as ‘The Most Scenic Toilet in the World’. And though this seems a huge claim, it’s easy to see why you’d be forgiven for awarding the title to this noble throne.

The weather here is extremely unpredictable (hence the emergency shelter up top!) but if the weather gods look down upon you favourably and no clouds block the view, the breathtaking vistas over the Clinton Valley will have you wanting to leave the door open while you make room for lunch.

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8. Brackens Hut

Location: Coolah Tops National Park, NSW
Contributed by: Kate Miles

We all love a good hut stay and a loo with a view is just the cherry on top. Brackens Hut has a rustic charm and is the perfect basecamp to discover the hiking and mountain biking trails at Coolah Tops.

When I asked Kate for her thoughts she said: ‘I was going to make sure I was the first person in the next morning, so I could use the loo with the door wide open to admire the view at first light.’

It just goes to show, some rise for summits and others for first dibs on the scenic views from the porcelain.

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9. Bluff Spur Memorial Hut

Location: Mt Stirling, VIC
Contributed by: Tim Ashelford

Toileting in the alpine often conjures up memories of squatting in the snow whilst a chilled breeze attempts to crystalize your gooch. Luckily, this harsh weather means the good people of the High Country have built countless backcountry huts over the years, often with adorable matching dunnies.

Bluff Spur Memorial Hut is one such dunny. The wood panelling complements the twisted snow gums that surround the toilet, and protects against buffeting winds. The doorway delightfully frames a typical high country scene, but mind you close the door to do your business – the toilet faces towards the hut!

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Don’t forget to smile and wave if you leave the door open | @tim_ashelford

10. Brewster Hut

Location: Mount Aspiring National Park, NZ
Contributed by: Arden Haar

Be prepared to put in some serious legwork if you want to enjoy this loo at Brewster hut, but let me assure you, the reward is greater than the sacrifice. You’ll be faced with wet boots immediately from the carpark with an early crossing across the alpine waters of the Haast river, before you take on the soggy sock slog up through some stunning beech forest and onto a narrow ridge leading up to Brewster hut.

When you first lay eyes on this particular toilet and your first thought is ‘I hope this doesn’t fall off the cliff while I’m in there’, you know you’re in for an adventurous visit.

Don’t pass up the opportunity for a fresh dip in the Blue Pools on your drive back out, once you’ve dropped your kids off at the pool of course.



Don’t mind if I poo | @_ardenhaar