This two day cycle around North Stradbroke Island, which the local Quandamooka people know as Minjerribah, gives you major bang for buck. Plus you only need public transport to get there!


  • No car needed! Take your bike on the train and ferry for free
  • Escape the trodden tourist path by riding 
  • Visit deserted beaches that are perfect for a post-bike swim
  • Spot an amazing range of wildlife!

Escape the City for North Stradbroke Island

Yes, I realise that using the word ‘ultimate’ means your expectations are now way up there, but trust me, this trip is really, really good! I mean, swapping Brisbane for deserted beaches in two hours without driving anywhere?

Spotting dolphins, whales, koalas, turtles and kangaroos left, right and center? Here’s how you squeeze all of Straddie’s highlights into a two-day bike trip.


North Stradbroke Island is the Ultimate Brisbane Bikepacking Trip, Myrthe Braam, Point Lookout, woman, ocean, whale watching, cliff

Day 1 – Myora Springs, Amity Point and North Gorge

Start your trip with a bike ride to your nearest train station and hop on a train to Cleveland. From here you can cycle to the Stradbroke ferries, a mere 10 minutes down the road. 


North Stradbroke Island is the Ultimate Brisbane Bikepacking Trip, Myrthe Braam, ferry, dock, ocean, boat


After arriving at Dunwich on Stradbroke Island, wave goodbye to the tourists all getting onto the one and only bus and set off at a leisurely pace along East Coast Road. Only 4km take a quick peek at Myora Springs before continuing along the road inland. 

Follow the signs to Amity Point, which makes for a perfect lunch stop with beautiful beaches. Perhaps a quick swim is in order since you’ve already cycled 17km?


North Stradbroke Island is the Ultimate Brisbane Bikepacking Trip, Myrthe Braam, Amity Point Beach, pelican, ocean, beach


When you’re ready to continue, head back the way you came. At the turnoff to Beehive Road, follow the gravel path straight in front of you to add a touch of off-road adventure.

After 6.5km you’ll pop back out onto East Coast Road, which you follow all the way to Point Lookout, the main attraction of your trip! Be sure to check out the walk to North Gorge, spotting dolphins, whales, turtles and kangaroos along the way, or hang out and go for (another) swim at Frenchmans Beach. 


North Stradbroke Island is the Ultimate Brisbane Bikepacking Trip, Myrthe Braam, Gorge Walk, North Gorge, ocean, headland, waves

There’s heaps of camping on the island, but by staying in a hostel you can keep your luggage nice and light without the added weight of your tent, mat and sleeping bag.

We stayed at the Manta Lodge YHA, a pretty cool hostel with a large kitchen and plenty of communal areas to hang out and make friends.

Hot tip! It’s only a hop, skip and a jump to the beach and the lodge will lend you a free towel. Third swim of the day, anyone?

Day 2 – Point Lookout and Brown Lake

Waking up to another stunning day, we decided to have breakfast at one of the lookout points at the aptly named, Point Lookout (how did they come up with that?).

Grab yourself some fresh bread from the French bakery down the road and ogle at the sight of dozens of whales passing by. It makes for a pretty special breakfast! 



Once you’ve soaked in every drop of the view and feel ready to leave Point Lookout behind (or should we say, to sit your sore ass down on your bike again) head back to Dunwich along the main road. 



In Dunwich, stock up on some more food before you head up to Brown Lake. Be prepared as the road to the lake has a VERY steep and long climb (it’ll nearly kill you).

But it’s all worth it once you’ve made it to the lake – not only because it’s perfect for a lazy afternoon of swimming, reading and eating.



The best part is, on the return trip, you can pretty much coast all the way to the ferry, ready to face the bustle of the city again after the ultimate beach-filled bike-packing adventure!

Essential Gear

  • Bike
  • Bike repair kit
  • Swimming gear
  • Camera

How To Get There

Take the train from Brisbane to Cleveland, bikes go for free outside peak times. It’s a short, 10-minute ride from the train station to the ferry, where once again, your bike gets to come along for free! 


  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Walking
  • Wildlife spotting
  • Photography

Skill Level


The roads on Stradbroke Island are in good condition and never too steep (apart from the climb to Brown Lake of course). You do need to be confident riding on the road, but outside the holidays there shouldn’t be too much traffic on the roads.

By breaking up the ride in shorter stretches or by skipping Amity Point and/or Brown Lake, this trip would definitely be doable for beginners.

Distance Covered / Elevation Gain / Duration

Day 1: 40km, 434m elevation, 3 hours of cycling
(we took 6 hours from ferry to hostel, including lunch, the Gorge walk, shopping for food and multiple swims)

Day 2: 39km, 529m elevation, 3 hours of cycling
(we took 8 hours from hostel to ferry, including breakfast, the Gorge walk (again) and an extended lunch and swim break at Brown Lake)