Spend the day rock hopping along North Narrabeen’s rock platform and discovering the hidden world of sea critters tucked into the rock pools.


  • Ocean pool jutting out into the sea
  • Family friendly exploring
  • Rock pools teeming with critters
  • The beautiful, secluded Turimetta Beach

Rock Scrambling and Rock Pools

Exploring this area could take you an hour or a whole day, so pack a picnic and see where you end up. Time quickly disappears – before you even make it to the platform you can easily lose hours to the temptations of North Narrabeen Beach and its beautiful ocean pool, which juts out into the water, a boardwalk separating the lap pool.



Once on the platform, follow the wide rocks round to the quiet, unspoilt Turimetta Beach. Time your visit for low tide and small swell. But watch out – it can be slippery!

The rock pools brim with interesting sea creatures – starfish, crabs and snails – giving an insight into the underwater world and the biodiversity of this space between land and sea.



In non-COVID times the Coastal Environment Centre runs monthly tours of this Aquatic Reserve, where guides arm you with a print-out, net and bucket and help you identify what you find. (There can be blue-ringed octopus and bristle fireworms around so don’t poke your fingers in where you can’t see!)

Trek to Turimetta Beach

Keep walking north around the coast, stopping to wade in the pools and admire the shapes of the weathered sandstone boulders until you reach the beautiful, secluded Turimetta Beach.

Steep dunes lead up from the beach to houses on the hill, with staircases at each end if you don’t want to retrace your steps. The sand is golden, with black rocks stretching out into the water, fishermen patiently waiting on their edges.

Have a dip (it’s unpatrolled) and enjoy the space and quiet of this peaceful pocket that’s so close to the city, yet feels so far away.


Essential Gear

  • Shoes
  • Water
  • Towel and swimmers
  • An eye on the tides…
  • A net and bucket for examining what you find
  • Fishing gear (Collecting marine invertebrates and shells is prohibited. Check regulations before you go.)

How To Get There

Narrabeen is around 25km north of the city. There’s a car park on the north side of Narrabeen Lagoon Bridge, just off Narrabeen Park Parade. You can also catch buses to Narrabeen and walk from there.


Skill Level

Beginner – suitable for explorers of all ages, but should only be done at low tide!

Distance / Duration

3km return approx / However long you like but give yourself a few hours at least