Ever since its inception in 2005, the original AeroPress has been a camping staple for backcountry baristas the world over – including yours truly and our Editor, Tim. 

Over the last decade, very little has changed in the design of the Aeropress, aside from minor improvements in material and colour. But in late October, AeroPress is set to release a new model – the AeroPress Go.

While the AeroPress Go is essentially the same design as the original, the major difference is that it packs away into its own portable cup. In fact, the whole package folds away into the cup, including the plunger, chamber, filter holder, stirrer and scoop. Perfect for slipping into a backpack, bike bag or glove box.

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The New AeroPress Go That Packs Away Into Its Own Mug by Mattie Gould

Same Same, But Different

According to AeroPress, the Go has ‘all the delicious brewing capabilities of the original AeroPress plus a convenient drinking mug that doubles as a carrying case.’ You can make coffee in exactly the same way as the original, although the new model has a slightly smaller capacity. A perfect excuse to brew a second cup of coffo before starting your day.

AeroPress Go is set to retail at around $60 and we’ve already got one on backorder. Stand by for a full Explorer review once we get our grubby hands on one and take it for a few micros.


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