Mount Trio is the northernmost mountain of the Stirling Ranges and is often overlooked by tourists as it’s off the main roads. So take Megan’s advice, get up early and catch yourself a banging triple-peaker.


  • Amazing biodiversity (great for bird watching and wildflower viewing)
  • See endemic flora such as Darwinia lejostyla (Mountain Bell)
  • Reasonably short hike for the rewarding views
  • 360-degree view of the Stirling Range National Park from the main peak

The Lowdown

This hike has some of the most rewarding views of them all. The main peak overlooks Bluff Knoll to the east and Toolbrunup to the southwest.

If you’re up for a sunrise hike, you’ll be treated to the sun rising over Bluff Knoll and might even be rewarded by the top-of-the-world feeling that comes with sitting above the clouds!


Three Peaks In One // Mount Trio – Stirling Ranges (WA) by Megan Warner, sunrise above the clouds


The track begins with a number of steps to test out your fitness level but once you reach the eastern edge it’s almost a leisurely stroll across the ridge to the highest peak.

Once at the peak you can choose a number of rocky outcrops to get cosy and wait for the sunrise, do some mountaintop yoga or just sit and take in the views.

Take your time on the return to enjoy the views, have a rest break in a grotto and keep a lookout for some of the Stirling Ranges unique flora. In spring you might be treated to seeing Mountain Bells and the fabled Queen of Sheba Orchid! Be prepared for changing weather conditions – this hike is not recommended after heavy rains or during rainfall.


Three Peaks In One // Mount Trio – Stirling Ranges (WA) by Megan Warner, flower, stirling ranges unique flora

Essential Gear

  • Hiking boots
  • Head torch – if attempting a sunrise summit
  • Water and snacks
  • Camera (with tripod for keen photographers)
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Thermos for a nice hot cuppa at the top
  • National Park Pass

How To Get There

Mount Trio is 90km north of Albany or 391km south of Perth.

The carpark is situated up a small track off Formby South Road which can be reached from Chester Pass Road if coming from Albany or via Gnowangerup if coming from Perth.

You can also camp at Mount Trio Campground which is on Chester Pass Road.


  • Photography
  • Birdwatching
  • Wildflower viewing
  • Hiking
  • Picnic

Skill Level


Duration / Distance Covered

2-3 hours / 3.5km return