Mt Toolbrunup is the perfect cheeky little weekend or one-day microadventure for peak baggers and rock scramblers living in Perth.


  • Incredible views
  • Hands-on hiking experience
  • Beautiful variety of wildflowers

Hiking In The Stirling Range

The Stirling Range is well known by local Perth people as the southwest’s best attempt at mountains. We’d climbed the highest and much loved peak Bluff Knoll twice before, and so on our trip down this winter, we decided to go for the second highest peak, Mt Toolbrunup. It might not be the highest peak in the Stirling Range but it’s one of the scrambliest, which adds an extra dimension of fun to the whole deal.



The hike starts out gently through tall bush with an incredible variety of native wildflowers and birdlife. About halfway through we began to see why the hike is rated as more difficult than Bluff Knoll. An imposing slope of rocks and boulders became our path. A warning sign hammered onto one of the boulders cautions hikers to turn back unless they’re prepared for loose rocks and an unmarked path. Excited, we secured our cameras and scrambled our way up with one hand out for support.

Up another slope of wobbly rocks, and we began to feel an icy chill of the wind. We paused to admire the grey-green sweeping landscape when we spotted an eagle hovering above us in the cold air. What a home for him!


Hitting The Top Of Mt Toolbrunup

The final stretch required both hands to pull us up over huge boulders and onto the somewhat flat summit. From here we could see the roll of mountains in every direction, including the distinct shape of Bluff Knoll to the east.

After a lunch with a thrilling view, we descended the unstable track, and ended up on our bottoms a couple of times. With shaky legs back at the carpark, we declared Mt Toolbrunup an experience to cherish — and, for us personally, a more thrilling hike than Bluff Knoll!


Essential Gear

  • Hiking boots
  • Water
  • Windproof jacket
  • Sun protection

How To Get There

Stirling Range National Park is about 4.5 hours southeast of Perth via Albany Hwy.

Mt Toolbrunup is a 2 minute drive from the Stirling Range National Park’s campsite — Moingup Springs — and about 20 minutes from the Bluff Knoll carpark.



  • Hiking
  • Wildflower spotting
  • Photography
Skill Level

Intermediate — hikers should be prepared for loose rocks and unstable ground. They should have a decent level of fitness and experience.


Distance Covered / Elevation / Duration

4km return / 1052m / 3-4 hours return