Mount Buffalo: More than a Winter Wonderland

Mount Buffalo: More than a Winter Wonderland
Over 90km of hiking trails Lakeside or remote hike-out camping Adventure sports; hang-gliding, caving, abseiling, rock-climbing and kayaking Panoramic scenery

Long weekends are the perfect excuse to pack up the car and get away from it all.

Unfortunately, this means accommodation throughout the state is quite sparse and you have to get in early to secure yourself that sweet spot – a lesson I almost learned the hard way. If it weren’t for a late cancellation in Bright, I would’ve spent those 3 days cooped up in the city or even worse, trying to catch some sleep in a small, cramped sedan.

A quick look around the area brought up Mt Buffalo, only 15km from town, so that’s where we were headed.

A nature lover’s paradise, Mount Buffalo is as impressive up close as it is from afar. Towering granite tors rise up from the valley floor just begging to be explored.
With over 90km of hiking trails, we spent our first afternoon walking amongst the snow gums in complete isolation, a nice feeling knowing just how busy the town beneath us was. By late afternoon a storm rolled in and the rain sent everyone back to their campsites. With our hearts still set on The Cathedral for sunset, we decided to wait it out in the car and after an hour were back on our way. The temperature had plummeted and everything was now slippery, resulting in a few cuts and bruises. We arrived at the summit moments before the clouds broke open and rewarded us with an epic sunset all to ourselves, making the hike back down in the cold much more bearable.

We rolled out of our sleeping bags early the next morning and spent it at Lake Catani, watching the frost dissolve as the sun rose and the ducks took to the water. The afternoon was spent hiking amongst colossal rock formations and pointed trees, but it was The Horn we were looking forward to the most.

Rising 1723m above sea level, the highest peak in the range, The Horn, offers staggering 360º views which show the Australian Alps at their finest.

Watching the light slowly creep over the mountains as the sun set was truly breathtaking. Then just as we thought it couldn’t get any better, eagles began soaring from the crevices below for their dinner – a feast of Bogong Moths.

Mount Buffalo is the perfect all seasons playground and is easily worth the visit if you’re ever in the area. We will definitely be back!

Essential gear required:

  • Camping gear
  • Hiking shoes
  • Head torch
  • Gloves
  • Windproof jacket
  • Camera & equipment

How to get there:

Mt Buffalo is located in the alpine region of Victoria, about 320km from Melbourne.

mt buffalo


  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Photography
  • Adventure sports
  • Snow sports (winter)

Skill level: 

Beginner to intermediate.

Distance covered / Elevation gain:

The tracks completed over this weekend were:

  • Gorge Heritage Walk (2.5km, 1 hour return)
  • Lakeside Walk (3km, 1 hour circuit)
  • Gorge – Lake Catani Track (4km, 1.5 hours return)
  • Monolith Track (1.8km, 1 hour circuit)
  • The Cathedral – Hump Track (2km, 45mins return)
  • Corral – Castle Track (3.5km, 1.5 hours return)
  • The Horn Track (1.5km, 45mins return)

Here is the map we used which includes all of the walking tracks at Mt Buffalo