Looking for more gorgeous coastal walks around Sydney? With a little bit of navigating, you can piece together a 16km track from Maroubra to La Perouse that passes along blonde clifftops and emerald bays.


  • Stunning beaches – Maroubra, Malabar, Little Bay, Cruwee Cove, Little Congwong, Congwong and Frenchmans
  • Extraordinary cliffs at Malabar Headland
  • Abandoned fortifications at Henry Head
  • Heritage-listed Bare Island Fort
  • Lesser known Sydney coastal walk


Piecing Together The Track

Sydney’s eastern suburbs lay claim to some epic coastal scenery. A lesser walked stretch of this coastline is from Maroubra to La Perouse. That’s partly because the Randwick City Council is yet to complete an official walkway. The main issue is the lack of a continuous track through the golf courses halfway through the walk.

Unfortunately, there’s no set date as to when the Council will construct such a track. But who cares? There’s nothing stopping you from dusting off the old hiking boots and smashing out this sublime coastal walk.


Head Off From Malabar Headland National Park

Starting off at Maroubra Beach, head to the southern end to begin exploring the magnificent Malabar Headland. It’s part of the traditional land of the Bidjigal and Gadigal People and is a significant site for initiation and ceremony (Bora Ground).

This area was our favourite section of the walk. The remarkable coastline is filled with astonishing geological features. Explore the wickedly carved out rocky cliffs and formations of Magic and Boora Points. See if you can spot the rock shaped like a dragon’s head!



After bending around the headland, you’ll arrive at Malabar Beach and pass by the Malabar ocean pool where you’ll enjoy even more idyllic coastal settings.

Navigating The Golf Courses

Up the hill is Randwick Golf Course. You’ll see signs encouraging you to walk by the coastline. But strangely enough, the warm invitation for walking seems to abruptly stop halfway through the golf course. It’s anyone’s guess how to actually proceed from this point. With respect to the golfers, Beck and I continued hugging the coast as much as possible.



Despite the awkward midsection, the amalgamation of brilliant coastal trails to begin and finish the walk saves the day. Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from breaking up the different sections of this walk into separate adventures to avoid the golf courses altogether.

Or, simply divert away from the coast for this portion of the trail. That way, you’ll miss the stink-eye of the golfers. Plus, you won’t be looking over your shoulder for potential incoming golf ball missiles.

Admittedly, arriving at the secluded Little Bay Beach was perfect for some respite. You’ll see the odd snorkeller here and young local families enjoying the calm and shallow bay.

Finishing at Kamay Botany Bay

After struggling through The Coast and St. Michael’s Golf Courses, you’ll eventually arrive at an official walkway again in the Kamay Botany Bay National Park (La Perouse area). The Traditional Owners of this land are the Goorawal and Gweagal People.



Closeby is the immense Cape Banks where you’ll be tempted to detour. Go on then! You’ll need to weave and dodge the sunbathing skinks as you pass the charming Cruwee Cove Beach towards Henry Head. Slightly off track is a lighthouse and the ruins of Henry Head Battery. Exploring the underground bunker adds to the coastal walk’s diversity and character.

Next, is an optional side trail to Brown’s Rock. What awaits you at the bottom are brilliant turquoise waters that you’ll likely share with some fishing enthusiasts.

Across the bay from Brown’s Rock is a unique perspective and preview of Bare Island Fort. For a closer look, head back to the main trail and continue towards La Perouse. On the way is another worthwhile detour to the spectacular Little (sometimes nudist) Congwong Beach before arriving at (bigger) Congwong Beach. 

After surging up a small sandhill, you’ll end up alongside Anzac Parade heading towards Bare Island Bridge. The Fort is usually closed, but you can organise a guided tour on Sundays. Make your way around La Perouse Point and finish your day with a relaxing swim at Frenchmans Beach.


Essential Gear

  • Hiking boots
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunnies
  • Hat
  • Day pack
  • Camera
  • Cossies
  • Towel
  • Snacks
  • Packed lunch
  • Water (2-3L)
  • Waterproof/windproof jacket

How To Get There

Thankfully, there’s plenty of free parking at Maroubra Beach. However, parking directly opposite the beach on Maroubra Parade has a 4 hour limit. So we recommend parking on Bernie Kelly Drive near the South Maroubra Surf Life Saving Club. It’s free and unlimited.

Weirdly enough, Google Maps doesn’t recognise the street name, but it’s right by Arthur Byrne Reserve.

After you smash out this brilliant coastal walk, you’ll need to coordinate a couple of buses back to Maroubra from La Perouse. Unless you’re keen to walk back!

If you don’t have a set of wheels, use the NSW Transport Trip Planner to figure out your bus routes to Maroubra.

Skill Level


Distance Covered / Elevation Gain / Duration

Maroubra to La Perouse Coastal Walk: 16.5km / 245m / 4-6 hours


Alternate Options:

Malabar Headland National Park: Boora Point Walking Track: 7.4km return / 102m / 2-3 hours

Kamay Botany Bay National Park: Cape Banks Walking Track: 7km return / 141m / 2-3 hours


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