Lé Bent has just launched its new collection of merino wool and bamboo rayon ultra light tee-shirts and they’re soft AF.


Aussie brand with a French name — Lé Bent — are perhaps best known for their technical ski, trail run, outdoor and bike socks and base layers. 

One of the first brands to bring Merino wool and bamboo together — with the help of the CSIRO no less — Lé Bent now has an ultra light everyday technical tee you can wear all summer long.


Lé Bent Now Making Ultralight Merino & Bamboo Tees

Elsewhere on We Are Explorers, Merino wool has been called, ‘the GOAT fabric for hiking – it’s odour resistant, moisture-wicking and biodegradable.

However, for all it’s technical benefits, 100% wool has one notable criticism for a lot of people. I’m talking about the it-ch factor. 

To get around this little annoyance, most brands will turn to merino wool as its fibers are naturally smaller and smoother than other wools. However, it’s still enough to irritate those with sensitive skin. This is especially true for a first on-skin layer like a tee-shirt or baselayer.

That’s why the folks at Lé Bent blend their merino wool with rayon from bamboo. Sheep and grass are a natural fit right?

The rayon from bamboo is ultra soft and springy. Since the fibres are much smaller, smoother and rounder the fabric feels more like silk or cashmere. 

Lé Bent are so confident in the softness of the fabric blend, they actually make men’s boxers and women’s boyshorts out of the stuff.

To ensure the tees can hold up to the rigours of everyday life and every kind of outdoor adventure, the merino and bamboo is wrapped around a nylon core to make it extra tough and durable.

It’s the best of both three worlds really.


Lé Bent Now Making Ultralight Merino & Bamboo Tees

Coming in a mix of dark and light colours, Lé Bent reckon you can get away without washing these for a fair while indeed.

Thanks to the odour suppressing properties of merino wool, it’s an everyday tee, you won’t have to wash every day, no matter the activity. 

It means you save water and stay stank free while you’re at it.


Perhaps the best part is Lé Bent are currently doing a release offer of buy 2 tees, add a 3rd for free!

Wrap your arms around the new tee collection here.

Photos thanks to Lé Bent