Few people get as much shit done in their day-to-day lives as Beau Miles, so naturally, a pandemic-induced lockdown meant the man went into overdrive. ‘Junk Cabin’ is his latest escapade and film.


COVID-19 had Beau more or less confined to his five-acre property in Jindivick, Victoria, but do you think that slowed down his adventures? Of course not!

The man’s a local microadventurer on steroids – whether it be running along a nearby disused railway line or spending a night up a tree right by his house (and comfy, warm bed) Beau’s always got a home-based adventure on the horizon. 



Building his wife, Helen a new office space on their property is his latest self-assigned challenge. Eh? Where’s the challenge in that, you ask. Like everything Beau, it’s never enough just to craft something, there’s gotta be some gnarly criteria to turn up the heat. 

  • Only use materials on the farm that’ve be salvaged over time
  • A trip to the hardware store is the last resort
  • Have it finished within 6 weeks (by Helen’s b’day)
  • Don’t make too much noise in front of his 6 month old baby May
  • Don’t let Helen find out what he’s up to

There it is. 

Can he do it? Watch and see