Spa day! Trick your soft mates into some outside time with a trip to Injidup Natural Spa. They might grumble about the spontaneous drive to the Margaret River, but they’ll surely forgive you once they sink into the saltwater bubbles thrown over by the waves.


  • Unique natural ocean spa
  • Beautiful rugged coastline
  • Salt and sun baby!

The Lowdown

Injidup Natural Spa is starting to get popular, but if you can catch it on a quiet day, it still feels like a hidden bit of paradise. Don’t be put off by signs in the carpark saying sharks have been spotted at Injidup Beach! The spa is a secluded little pool nestled in a canal of huge coastal boulders.

On the right day, you’ll find it glassy and inviting. Set up your belongings on a rock nearby and wade into the pool. This is how the spa works: crashing waves rush up the rocks and fizzle out between the cracks, pouring white bubbles into the little pool. WA’s ocean waters are known to be a tad on the chilly side, but these bubbles warm up the spa.


Bathing In Injidup Natural Spa // Yallingup (WA), cedric and melody tang, south west western Australia, beach, spa


If you need a bit more of a warm-up before or after the dip, take a walk past the paddock of horses and down to the rocky coast. Northwards from here, it’s about a 40-minute rocky scramble to Canal Rocks, one of the region’s most well-known spots.

Injidup Natural Spa is one of many great stops you can do while exploring the Yallingup region. For more inspiration, check out Wilyabrup Sea Cliffs.


Bathing In Injidup Natural Spa // Yallingup (WA), cedric and melody tang, south west western Australia, beach, spa

Essential Gear

  • Bathers & towel
  • Sun protection
  • Drinking water
  • Sturdy shoes if you’re not so steady on your feet

How To Get There

Injidup Natural Spa is about 15 mins drive south of Yallingup. Turn off Caves Road onto Wyadup Road and follow it to its end. You’ll know you’re in the right spot if you see a horse paddock opposite the car park. Scramble over the rocks in the direction the road was heading to find the spa.


  • Bathing & chilling
  • Rock scrambling
  • Photography

Skill Level

Beginner: might take a little courage to get in the spa if the ocean’s rough, but it’s shallow and accessible enough for most.

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Distance/ Elevation Gained / Duration

A short 5-minute rock scramble from the carpark.