We can’t think of a group that’s less keen to be cooped up indoors than the We Are Explorers audience. So to help you guys cope, we’re asking you to share your Home Grown Adventures!


What’s a Home Grown Adventure? It’s just like a normal adventure, but it’s confined to your home.

We’re talking kitchen cabinet rock climbing, watching surf films in the bath, running a marathon around your house (if you’ve got a backyard you’re allowed to use it!) or camping out on the balcony. Even a campfire cook up on the lawn is fair game!

The COVID-19 lockdown has already bred some pretty incredible adventures but they’ve mostly had an international flavour.

As Australia settles into a strange, localised couple of months, we want you guys to share how you’re getting your adventure fix, in a uniquely Aussie way.

We’re a bunch of kooks, five minutes on TikTok* will tell ya that much.

We’ll choose our 3 favourites and if you’re one of them, we’ll send you a merch pack for being the most hilarious, gnarly or artistic Explorer out there.

How To Enter

Two Ways

Post it on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok

Include the hashtags #homegrownadventure and #weareexplorers

And make sure you follow We Are Explorers! Here’s our Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

Send us an Email

Send your submissions as a downloadable video file or a series of photos to basecamp@weareexplorers.com.au with the subject line My Home Grown Adventure.

Include your name and Instagram handle in your email, along with a description of what the hell isolation made you do.

The comp starts today and we’ll close submissions on Friday 24th April 2020 at midnight.

EDIT: Due to a stoke overload we have extended the submission deadline to Friday 8th May 2020.

Terms & Conditions

*Yep that’s right, I’m now using TikTok and am officially ‘down with the kids’. Yeet.

**Disclaimer: Don’t do anything risky to create your Home Grown Adventure photos or film. Exercise normal caution and safety practices. You can still get hurt at home and we’d hate you to be stuck home AND injured.


Feature photo by Mattie Gould