Remember that small patch of unburnt bush on the South Coast that was almost bulldozed? You now have the opportunity to convince the government it’s worth holding onto. Here’s how. 

What’s Happened So Far?

Last month, locals, politicians and even Aussie celebs, came together to protest the development of the only remaining unburnt bushland in the hamlet of Manyana on the NSW South Coast. 

Locals used their cars and bodies to block bulldozers that planned to flatten the site and calls were made for the Federal Government to buy back the bushland. 

These protests managed to stave off the Ozy Homes housing development for several weeks and now the matter is under review by the Federal Environment Minister, Sussan Ley. Which means the general public now has the opportunity to submit their comments on the development. 

Why Does It Matter?

After the summer’s devastating bushfires, this patch of land has become the final frontier for many local fauna who had their habitat destroyed. In fact, 510 native species call this bushland home, including the threatened swift parrot and the greater glider. 

The matter is only open for public comment until July 7th 2020, so don’t dawdle! The more voices that are heard on this issue, the more chance this precious remaining bushland has of surviving. 

Emails should be sent to and need to reference 2020/8704 Manyana Coast Pty Ltd. Check out the referral documentation to get a greater understanding of the issue.

Tips on Writing Your Email

Not sure how to write your email or what to say? Here are a few tips. 

1. Use your own words

The most effective letters are the ones you write yourself! You can quote statistics and info from other sources, but using your own words to express your thoughts on the issue is way more effective and meaningful than copy and pasting from a template. Tell us how you really feel!

2. It doesn’t have to be long 

Short and to the point is effective and more likely to be read. See? 

3. Write about your first-hand experience

If you’ve visited Manyana before, write about it, particularly if you encountered any wildlife while you were there. The protection of this land for wildlife habitat is the most crucial reason to keep it safe.

4. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never been there

You may never have visited Manyana before, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have an opinion on the issue. If protecting native bushland and species is important to you, your voice is needed. Make sure it’s heard!

5. For more specific info check out the Manyana Matters Facebook page 

The Manyana Matters Facebook page has been used to broadcast the happenings on the ground in Manyana to those across the country. The Manyana Matters Environmental Association is using this page to grow the movement to save the bushland and post regular updates on how you can help. They’ve outline important points to include in your email as well!

Tell your Mum, tell your mates, tell your neighbour and your dog to write to the Environment Minister to convince her that building houses on this bush is a big no-no!

Don’t forget email by July 7th to have your voice heard.


Feature photo courtesy of Manyana Matters Facebook page