Bulldozers turned up in Manyana today to start developments on the only unburnt bushland for kilometres, but locals are standing in their way.


The hamlet of Manyana on the NSW South Coast was hard hit by the New Years Eve fires. In fact 80% of its surrounding bushland was burnt, not to mention homes decimated, lives destroyed and lost.

The only 20 hectares of unburnt bush that remain are about to be bulldozed by residential building company OzyHomes. 



For weeks Manyana locals have enacted socially-distant protests around the land and managed to hold off development. But OzyHomes’ government-granted contract has been fast-tracked, and today bulldozers turned up to the site to knock down the only remaining unburnt bush in the area. 

The only thing stopping them is local protestors physically blocking their path. 



OzyHomes have had developmental rights on the land for over a decade, however due to the unprecedented destruction of the bushfires, Manyana residents are calling for the land to be bought by the state government and turned into a reserve instead. 

The bushland is home to 510 native species including the threatened swift parrot and greater glider and is the only possible habitat for kilometres. 

There’s still time to save the bushland, but not much! Help the Manyana locals voices be heard by politicians. Give them a call and send them an email now. And while you’re at it, sign this petition


Rob Stokes MP
Minister for Planning, NSW
02 8574 6707 pittwater@parliament.nsw.gov.au

Matt Kean MP
Minister for Environment, NSW
02 8574 6150 office@kean.minister.nsw.gov.au

Shelley Hancock MP
Minister for Local Government, NSW South Coast
Electorate office  02 4421 0222 / Ministerial office – 8574 5400  southcoast@parliament.nsw.gov.au

Gladys Berejiklian
Premier NSW
8574 5000 premier@dpc.nsw.gov.au


Photos thanks to Manyana Matters Facebook page