If you enjoyed watching Nedd Brockmann run across the country then you’ll love these cross country runs, walks and rides on E-bikes


Were you sitting on the edge of your seat for the whole 4000km Nedd Brockmann was running across Australia? I was. The 23-year-old left Perth on September 1 and arrived in Sydney 47 days later, battered, bruised, and triumphant.

The epic undertaking meant running around 100km each day, an incredible achievement when you consider the toll pounding the earth hour after hour, day after day takes on the human body.

If your stoke was ignited by watching Nedd make his way across the country then you’re in luck, it’s having a bit of a moment. Here are three stories of epic expeditions currently underway.

Erchana Murray-Bartlett

Instagram: @tip_to_toe_2022
Method of travel: Running

Erchana Murray-Bartlett has set her sights on running a marathon a day, every day, from Cape York to Melbourne. She is doing this to raise funds for the Wilderness Society to help Australia’s extinction crisis.

The money raised will go towards educating communities, supporting the Wilderness Society’s work and advocating to protect Australia’s native wildlife and precious ecosystems. Nevermind she’s also attempting a Guinness World Record! Erchana began her 6,200km journey on August 20. You can donate and follow along with her mission on Instagram.



William Burnett

Instagram: @themind.mechanic
Method of travel: Running

Will’s a former Australian Defence Force veteran. He’s running 4500km over 80 days. That means at least an ultra marathon (over 42.2km) per day. He began in Margaret River in Western Australia on September 7 and is making his way to Byron Bay on the east coast of Australia.

Will is raising money and awareness for veteran suicide prevention and post-traumatic stress solutions. Donate and follow along with his journey on Instagram.


Conrad Pattinson

Instagram: @conradp123
Method of travel: e-bike

Conrad Pattinson of Vamos Bikes is riding 4000km from Perth to Sydney on a solar-powered electric bike! He’s undertaking this extrodinary mission to raise money for the Australian Conservation Foundation, an organisation that advocates for the health of the rivers, forests and landscapes where wildlife and people thrive. Conrad wants to encourage Australians to shake up their routine, morning commute, and lifestyles that rely daily on fossil-fuelled transport.

Along the way he’ll be visiting solar farms, interviewing experts and chatting to everyday Aussies, all from the comfort of his solar-powered electric bike. Conrad began his journey on October 22. Donate and follow along on Instagram.



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Bailey Seamer

Instagram: @wandering_minds_walk
Method of travel: Walking

Bailey Seamer began her 5000km trek along the east coast of Australia on May 22 of this year. She began at Wilsons Promontory in the country’s south and has so far walked over 2000km towards the tip of Cape York, her finish point. Bailey is raising money for the Black Dog Institute and opening up conversations about mental health with communities she travels through.

Bailey’s personal experience with Bipolar Disorder fuels her ambitious journey as she seeks to de-stigmatise mental health and start more conversations about how we can all manage mental health in better ways. Donate and follow her journey on Instagram.

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Special Mention: Mat Grills

Instagram: @mat_grills
Method of travel: Running

On September 22, Mat Grills set out from the most westerly point of Australia (Steep Point) to run across the country to the most easterly point (Cape Byron). Mat set a goal of running 5000km in 50 days, this meant 100km a day. Unfortunately due to that fickle thing, the human body, Mat had to abandon his challenge on day 4 due to a hip injury.

If you read Mat’s Instagram posts around this time you can tell he struggles with the reality that due to something out of his control, a goal he had planned for months is now not going to happen. He wrote an excellent post about failure and how its actually a measure of success because you can’t fail unless you attempt something, and that’s the ultimate accomplishment. You can follow Mat on Instagram to see what he does next.




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Who’d we miss?

With all this adventurous spirit floating around it’s hard not to feel energised and inspired. There are so many amazing people doing incredible things, I’m sure we missed a few. Let us know what gnarly, out-there, adventurous undertaking we need to know about!