If you haven’t heard the name ‘Nedd Brockmann’ yet you’ve been living under a rock, and if you only just heard it today, well you’ve missed out on 47 consecutive days of watching an utter legend in the making. 


Nedd Brockmann, the 23-year-old tradie from Forbes has just finished running from Cottlesloe Beach, Perth to Bondi Beach, Sydney in 47 days at around 100km, every single day. 

His mammoth running effort is only equalled by the unbelievable $1.5 million sum he’s managed to raise for We Are Mobilise, a charity dedicated to caring for people experiencing homlessness and changing the conversation around homelessness in Australia. 

Bondi Beach was pumping this afternoon with supporters welcoming Nedd home and cheering on his final few steps after his 4000km journey across the country. 

Every single day of the 47-day saga, Nedd kept his Instagram audience updated on his run, sharing a handful of images captured by photographer Bradley Farley, an overview of how the day panned out, how many kilometres he ran, and the ever-anticipated ‘Quote of the day’ and ‘Song of the day’ (seriously, check out this fan-made playlist). 

Nedd’s ability to literally put one foot in front of the other despite injuries, pain, and an unfathomable mental load has inspired the nation. 

His true-blue, down-to-earth, never-say-die attitude matched with his inexplicable ability to continue to fire up has gained him tens of thousands of fans across Australia, including plenty of celebs, sportspeople, and even the Prime Minister.

Legendary barely even cuts it. What Nedd has achieved, thanks to his tireless road support crew, many sponsors, and everyone who’s been following his journey and made a donation, will go down in Australia’s history books. 

What a fucking king.


Photos by @tim_ashelford